You dream about him, you plan him, you expect him and the time has finally passed! The precious bundle of joy that came to complete your family in a unique, special way is here. Once you have your baby with you, you want to cherish and enjoy each one of the important milestones; and baby’s first year is filled with them and exceptional moments. The first time she smiles, the first time he grabs daddy’s finger, the first time she sits… and of course, his first Christmas.

Without a doubt, Christmas and the Holidays are the most joyous of the seasons, and having a new addition to the family must be marked and display in your home décor. There will be no better way to remember your child’s first Christmas than with a personalized baby’s first Christmas ornament. Not only will this keepsake enlighten your present holidays but this will be a memento for your child to enjoy as he grows older.

The best part of commemorating a baby’s first Christmas through a customized ornament is that it is also a nice, precious gift. Do you want to warm brand new Grandpa’s heart this coming December 25th? Give him a personalized Christmas ornament with the chubby face that lifts his soul since the moment he was born.

Have you run out of ideas of what to give new mom on her “welcome baby” party? She will be thrilled to receive ornaments with her precious baby’s name.

At Personalized By Kate you will find many options to choose from, we know you may prefer an ornament with a picture, an engraved legend, a tender shape such as a teddy bear, an angel etc. You can choose classic colors such as green, red or gold; or get adventurous with pastels or brighter shades.

From the moment they are born, babies have unique, defined personalities. You can customize an ornament that reflects his tender, curious, happy character with a picture showing a naughty smile or a tender image that remind the entire family of this tremendous blessing they have just received. Our offer includes thoughtful ideas with classic themes like baby shoes or baby carriages, these timeless themes can be displayed at your Christmas tree for everyone to enjoy. You can also enhance the customization by adding the baby’s weight, length or a cute nickname.

By customizing your baby’s first Christmas ornaments, you will start a beautiful tradition that will record your child’s journey through life every single Christmas to come. Every next year there will be new milestones reached and memories lived, but as you know, nothing marks the life of a human being such as his “firsts”. We invite you to browse through our catalog and enjoy the experience of celebrating your precious baby’s new starting life by selecting a Christmas ornament and customize it according to your preferences.

We carry quality materials, different colors, fonts, and print/engrave options. Whether for your family tree or for a well-thought gift, Baby’s first Christmas ornaments are becoming a must-have in every family’s Holiday décor.