You can count yourself lucky! You are a brand new parent. After the wait –and labor!- you finally have your little bundle of joy in your arms and could not be more excited. When a baby is born, parents want to make sure every moment is a memorable one and with the digital era upon us, every single milestone gets saved forever. To be able to savor back those moments is truly priceless! While recording those incredible milestones, you want to make sure your baby is clothed in style. There’s nothing cuter or more significant to do it than with one of our personalized baby clothes.

From the moment the baby is born, you are able to design unique pieces –because she or he is a unique baby!- to celebrate a special holiday or to accentuate her/his personality. A few examples of our personalized baby clothes are:

  • Newborn. Babies at earlier stages are everyone’s favorites. We carry sweet options that reflect all the tenderness and sweetness these little ones evoke. You are able to add anything you like such as their name, details from the delivery (weight and height, for example), or verses from her/his favorite lullaby.
  • A new sibling is arriving. What better way to announce a new sibling on their way than to dress your older with a personalized shirt saying: “I’m going to be a big brother.”
  • Firsts. The very first time a baby experiences a holiday is unrepeatable, make sure you make this a memorable moment by clothing them in a personalized gown. “First Christmas” “First Halloween” “First Valentine’s” are just a few examples. Of course, you can add monograms, images or phrases pertinent to the holiday.
  • Matching clothes for a family picture. You do not want to miss an opportunity to take a family picture with everyone wearing matching outfits. You can also create beautiful garments with the phrases “mommy and me” “Daddy’s best pal” to describe the unique connection and love you share with each other.
  • Personalized onesies. The ideal garment –although basic- you will thank for their existence every day! Make these basic pieces of clothes, unique ones by adding personalization. We love clothing with photos, or phrases that truly reflect your baby’s character (“Mummy, I told you I do not like beets”). Runaway from typical, plain or unoriginal onesies, create a collection for your baby.

The baby phase lasts so little that you want to make sure every day, every holiday and every milestone is distinctive and memorable. Shop through our catalog, you will find: shirts, pants, jumpers, hats, etc. that you will be able to customize with wording, monograms, and even photos.  These personalized baby clothes can be made to say anything you want. Unleash the creative side of you and enhance the tenderness!