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The next best thing to learning the gender of your baby is letting your friends and family in on the big secret. With this Oh Boy cake topper, you can reveal the gender of your new arrival in perfect style. A lovely and classy accent to your party dessert, this Oh Boy cake topper is just the right touch for your baby shower or gender reveal party. Oh, and congratulations!

Your Party, Your Choice

Our Oh Boy cake topper comes with a variety of options meant to give you all kinds of choices. Having a relatively small party for your family and closest friends? You might want to match your cake with a 5″ wide topper. On the other hand, if you want to invite your extended family, your friends from college, and the mailman, you’re definitely going to need a big, bold 12″ topper that makes a statement every bit as gigantic as the life journey you’re about to take. With eleven gorgeous colors to select from, you can ensure that your Oh Boy cake topper matches the theme of your party with flawless harmony!

Throwing the Perfect Event

Maybe you’re not having a baby at all – maybe you’re the one in charge of throwing a baby shower or gender reveal party for your best friends! It’s all the trend these days for soon-to-be moms to have their doctors inform a third party of their baby’s gender so that they can enjoy the surprise in the warm embrace of friends and family. You should be honored to have been chosen as the “one in the know,” but let’s face it, that responsibility comes with a bit of stress. Let our Oh Boy cake topper relieve you of that stress right away by giving you a stylish vehicle through which to make the big reveal!

Celebration With a Touch of Humor

Here’s what we really love about this Oh Boy cake topper – it doesn’t take itself too seriously. Not only does it celebrate the fact that a baby boy is about to make his big arrival, it also invokes that almost-indefinable emotion of…”welp, here we go.” And if you’ve ever raised a boy, met a boy, or been a boy, you know how appropriate such a sentiment really is! The impending parents are in for the joy of a lifetime, but let’s not pretend every minute is going to be sunshine and hopscotch. The Oh Boy cake topper gives a sly nod to all aspects of the beautiful, joyful, impossibly-trying experience of that fundamental human journey we call parenthood.

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5", 6", 7", 8", 9", 10", 11", 12"


White, Black, Red, Dark Blue, Medium Blue, Brown, Platinum, Metallic Silver, Duranodic Bronze, Metallic Gold, Wood