Nothing brings more hope and joy than the thought of a newborn. If you are pregnant, you probably have a million questions popping in your mind –especially if you are a first-timer! Everything from feeding to changing and sleeping, there are a lot of gadgets and items out there, and undoubtedly many are already on your list.

However, one of the key points of preparing from motherhood is preparing the nursery. Actually, doctors have coined a term for such a special occasion: nesting. This concept says than just before the baby is due, the mother gets a sudden eagerness to get the room of the baby ready, as well as the rest of his or her things. If you still haven´t felt it, trust us, it will happen!

And again, many decisions have to be made. Should you pick neutral colors? Should you get a bassinette aside from a crib? Are diaper genies really necessary? At Personalized by Kate, we love inspiring new mothers to prepare, arrange, and decorate the place where this precious bundle of joy will spend his or her first years.

Our offer includes many items suitable for the baby’s room: wall decorations to printed quilts and personalized photo frames. But before you start thinking about what to get, here are some quick tips that will make your life much easier!

• The changing table must be set in a place where everything you could possibly need is within range. No mom can ever leave their baby unattended while she gets the diaper rash cream from a shelf in the corner of the room. Make a list of everything you can think of: covers, laundry hamper, diapers, wipes, pacifiers, toys, etc. and arrange them near the changing table.

• Stay away from a cluttered nursery. We get it! It is tempting to have it all! Every gadget, every new machine, and on top of that, you casually leave behind things like books, mats, cups, etc. First of all, you absolutely do not want to have an accident there, and second of all, the nursery room should be a place that inspires peace and harmony. Not chaos. A child’s bedroom needs few –but thoughtful –items in it.

• Pick a theme. Along the lines of what was mentioned above, picking a theme will make your life quite easier! Instead of having scattered items from different concepts (travel, zoo animals, black and white, pastel colors, circus, nautical, princesses), you focus on one subject. Everything has to match it.

Once you are set on the three points above, we, at Personalized by Kate, are here to help you! Because we produce the most beautiful items to be added to your nursery rooms. And among the many favorites we have, the nursery name sign is one of the most popular.

Make your beautiful baby’s first room one that is memorable with his name sign. Having the name displayed will create a connection between the little one and his or her name. We proudly offer high-quality, beautiful products and strive for perfection when transforming your ideas and wishes into personalized, thoughtful items.