There is a saying that states that you can tell when parents are ready to receive their bundles of joy once they start “nesting,” meaning getting the baby’s room ready. Along with announcing the pregnancy and knowing the baby’s gender, decorating a baby’s room is the last –but not least- milestone before the baby arrives. All parents want to get that nursery decor just right.

Choosing the furniture, painting (pink, blue or neutral) the room and arranging baby gear is an exciting process! And adding Nursery Décor is the best part of it.

At Personalized By Kate, you will find a wide variety of items you can include in the soon-to-be-occupied room! One of our absolute favorite pieces is the baby canvas, which you may personalize it before or after the baby is born! You can include birth info such as weight, height and time of birth, and the name of course! But you can also choose a canvas to engrave your favorite prayer, poem or lullaby and have it ready before the grand arrival.

Nursery Wall Decor

We carry photo frames as well, which you can also customize. Some of our frames fit several pictures so that you can make a “most important milestones” little collection; you will keep the memories of your little fellow intact forever!

Another favorite item is a personalized cushion. Nothing says baby love like a fluffy, cozy personalized pillow with the name of your baby printed on. Not only it will add a warm, homey touch to the room, but this is also something that baby will appreciate and use many years to come. These come normal or in sequin pillows. We have some with birth stats and others you an put pictures on as well.

We know how much time moms and dads spend thinking about the baby’s name, which is precisely why we love to make beautiful decoration items that include the name and the meaning of the name. We are sure the name means something extraordinary and unique to you; there’s no better way to display it than a nice wooden baby name sign or monogram for the wall of the nursery. Our monograms and baby names come in wood and acrylic. Both come in multiple colors.

Nursey decor often touches one particular theme –chosen by the parents. If you’re expecting or have a baby girl parents opt for princesses, pink, fairies, and other girly subjects. If the room will belong to or belongs to a baby boy, favorite topics are blue, ships or farm animals. Parents can also pick a certain movie or cartoon thematic, neutral, whimsical, bohemian, etc.

The most important thing is that the nursery decor reflects the ambiance the parents desire to create for this pure, peaceful, space. At Personalized By Kate, you will find the perfect item and a wide variety of options to customize it. Search through our extensive catalog, and you will find the perfect touch for your nursery decor.

If you are looking for a special gift or something for the nursery but can’t find be sure to reach out. We have staff on hand to help you though this process and give you insight on some popular items. Other than just popular maybe we can do something custom for you. We have items for both your baby boy and girl.