Mother’s day is the international celebration honoring the mother of the family, as well as motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. It is celebrated on various days in many parts of the world, most commonly in March or May.

If there’s one holiday that should not be taken for granted is Mother’s Day; after all, we are alive thanks to our amazing, beautiful, brave mothers. These admirable women are the pillars of every family, the heart of a household and the source of love, tenderness and protection for every child, despite their age! An old saying states: “Give a house to a woman, and she’ll turn it into a home.”


Mother’s Day is around the corner, and you are eager to give your mom a unique item filled with appreciation and gratitude, yet you are clueless on what to get her. At Personalized by Kate we carry an extensive list of options, among our most popular ones are Mother’s Day Glasses.


Although inextinguishable love and tremendous strength are the common denominators between all the mothers in the world, we know each one is unique in their own perfect way. That’s why our offer for glasses is vast, and you are able to pick according to your mom’s distinctive style and taste:


  • For the everyday mom. This mommy is always on-the-go, making sure her kids are ready for school, that lunches are adequately packed and that dad’s shirts are cleaned and ironed. This mom surely needs a glass of wine after dinner, to relax while pampering with a long, hot shower. We have beautiful wine glasses, in different sizes and shapes; add a lovely phrase to them, and this will turn into mom’s favorite item ever!
  • For the tech-savvy, working mom. This mother is a breadwinner, she goes out to the world everyday conquering markets and being the queen at meetings. After a long working day, or even at happy-hour at home, this mother enjoys a nice drink. Our whiskey tumblers come plain or with design, and with deep customization, mom will enjoy her drink knowing someone is thinking of her!
  • For the fashionable mother. This mother is a real example that fashion is not opposed to motherhood. She’s the leader at community rallies and benefits, she’s involved in lots of activities while looking impeccable. Our cocktail glasses will look even better on her hand.


Whether Mom enjoys a heartwarming red wine or iced tea on a hot summer day, our personalized glasses are an excellent option for this next Mother’s Day! Add a personal message, her initials or a beautiful phrase, and you will fill her heart with love and sweetness!