Have you’ve ever stopped to think why shot glasses are named “shots”? Such a standard, fun word whose origin is also enjoyable. A bit of History to enlighten us about it:

A shot differentiates from other drinking glasses due to its size –the drinker most likely will not be sipping and tasting the liquor for too long. The first mention of the term shot glass can be found in the New York Times during the 1940s. Even though the New York Times articles are the first mentions of shot glasses, monogrammed shot glasses as we know them today were used extensively throughout American towns throughout the 1930s.

One of the theories says that a small glass would be left on dinner tables  -we are talking about early America- in which the guests would place the lead shot that may still be in their meals. Another origin story says that Friedrich Otto Schott, the co-founder of the glassworks factory Jenaer Glaswerk Schott & Genossen invented the glass. However, when the glass came to America, it was “Americanized” with the moniker Shot Glass instead of Schott Glas. Another tale says the glass was initially used to hold quill pens. According to legend, the original shot glass was invented over 100 years ago and was a small, thick-walled glass commonly found on writing desks, filled with lead shot. When your trusty feather writing quill was not in use, it would be stored upright in the lead filled a shot glass.

Whichever the versions hold the truth, the popularity of shots is undeniable, and nowadays one cannot conceive the idea of a party without these fun monogrammed shot glasses.

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Monograms can consist of a set of initials –usually when you are giving it to someone in particular or celebrating someone in particular (like a wedding, a retirement party, etc.). Or shot classes can be engraved with a company’s logo.

Monogram shot glasses are great for any type of celebration, and they also serve as an impressive promotional item for your company. The styling and customization will depend on the kind of holiday and your taste or preferences. From funky, to funny or sober and classic, you can turn this item into an elegant or exciting gift.

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