Monogrammed Pint Glasses are one of our most popular customizable gifts ever!

A monogram is a motif made by overlapping or combining two or more letters or other graphemes to form one symbol. Monograms are often made by combining the initials of an individual or a company, used as recognizable symbols or logos.

An individual’s monogram is often a very fancy piece of art used for stationery, for adorning luggage, for embroidery on clothing, and so forth, and yes to fantastic customized items such as beer glasses. A standard, classic monogram includes 3 letters: the initial of the individual’s last name, the first name initial on the left and the middle name initial to the right. Married or engaged couples may use two-letter monograms of their entwined initials, for example on wedding invitations.

Monograms are excellent when it comes to handout giveaways for marketing purposes of a company or a brand. Whatever the use, for birthday gifts, bachelor parties, promotional items, or to start your own collection of glassware with your new spouse; monogrammed Pint glasses are the ideal choice!

You do not have to keep looking for a unique, excellent gift for your best friend, your father, husband or brother: a monogrammed Pint glass is a perfect choice!

Not only they are inexpensive, but they will also last forever and will be a real reminder of your friendship and the many good and bad moments you have shared together. We know men tend to be more sentimental than what they like to admit; that’s why we know that by adding personalization to each one of your glasses will enhance the sentiment and will make the gift even more thoughtful.

Are you and your spouse thinking of ways to complement your home bar? Engraved, monogrammed Pint glasses are the way to go! It will be the topic of conversation at the next gathering and will enhance your bar décor.

At Personalized by Kate, we stay away from boring, ordinary gifts and supply only exciting, novelty items made with top quality. Since beer-drinking –especially artisanal beers- is on fashion, you do not want to miss the opportunity to give a gift full of meaning, sentiment but is also functional. Every time that particular person raises its beer Pint he will definitely think of you!

Each of our monogrammed beer pints is meticulously made to order making it the perfect gift for those seeking unique gift ideas for beer lovers – men and women alike.

A beautiful gift that your groomsmen, father, or husband will love. Crafted from sturdy glass, our monogrammed pint glasses have are sturdily made so you may enjoy it for many years to come.

If you are trying to complement your home bar or find a perfect gift for a beer-lover, seek no more. A monogrammed beer pint is the answer.