When we receive a present, we are moved by the fact that someone took the time to look something especially for us. They went through several options until they found what they thought to be ideal for the occasion, and that is what really matters, never mind the price tag. You should know that the vast majority of the people feel exactly the same way. There is no need to spend a fortune to celebrate a family member, a friend, etc. We have some great inexpensive personalized gifts that people would love.

At Personalized by Kate, we carry many options for inexpensive gifts, which are not only beautiful, charming and cute, but also inexpensive! Sometimes a little detail goes a long way in proving how much you care for someone, how much you appreciate the way they impact your life and just how much you are glad to be around them. Only because you give something that is not expensive, does not mean the gift is not thoughtful, beautiful or heart-touching.

You may be convinced of all of the above, yet you find yourself in the middle of a futile search, scratching your head seeking for a present that both reflects your feelings and adjusts to your budget. That’s why we list a few examples –from the many options we have- so you can have a better idea. These inexpensive personalized gifts although don’t cost mush are made with high quality material.

When it comes to little details, the little ones are the first ones to come to mind. Some of our favorite choices for them are personalized notebooks –we know for a fact these are a big hit among students-, customized bookmarks, which incidentally encourages reading, personalized Sippy cups; and of course, personalized Christmas ornaments to decorate the family tree.

For the man of the house, we like our customizable money clips –thoughtful and cool!-, our unique bottle openers, or a printed mouse pad that includes an image of the beautiful family he has and adores.

There is not a single mom who does not have a favorite coffee mug; be sure to give her a personalized one to keep her company every morning. Keychains, which can be engraved, charms and customized cosmetic bags are on the must-list for her.

Other options include customizable tote bags, engraved glasses, printed coasters, stamped wooden kitchen utensils, and personalized bracelets. All of these are excellent options to give your brother, aunt, teacher or coworker. We also have affordable pillowcases, wall ornaments –including wall decals-, personalized cloth hangers and many more.

The thing about these details is to let that person know how happy to are to have her/him as a part of your life. You do not need to spend a fortune or to get too sophisticated when it comes to buying a gift; sometimes a little detail expresses your emotions in a better manner. This is especially true if you personalize them; a phrase, date or an image printed or engraved can touch someone’s heart better than a luxurious item.

Seek through our extensive site, and you will find many inexpensive personalized gift options for that special occasion you are about to celebrate!