Nothing compares to the pain of losing a loved one in our lives. There’s a hollow space in our heart that feels forever will be empty. We have two options: fill that hole solely with grief, pain, regret, and anger or, honoring our beloved departed one, fill it with loving memories, hope, and pure love. At Personalized by Kate we strongly believe in the latter. That is why we carry an extensive offer of in-memoriam customizable presents; one of our favorites and most popular are our personalized in loving memory signs.

These special signs can offer sweet comfort for those who have lost someone, not only they are a perfect way of always keeping their presence in our daily lives at our house or office, but it is the ideal manner of ensuring to remember them at their very best: with a beautiful quote that reflects the light they brought into our existence. By having a personalized sign –with an inspiring quote- you remember them as they were: filled with love.

It is challenging to give a present to someone who now mourns the absence of a loved one; at Personalized by Kate we have sensitive, beautiful options for you. Our in loving memory signs can be utilized to respectfully adorn a memorial service and also, they can become a part of the house indefinitely. If the family has decided to keep the ashes of the departed beloved one, one of our personalized signs can accompany them in a beautiful way. Maybe the family has decided to select a spot in the house –such as a corner in a living room- and both the ashes and the sign can be seen as a place to pray, or to remember great memories.

You are also able to pick an inspiring verse to accompany the sign; or if you prefer it to personalize it with your own words, poem or song lyrics. We also carry standard customizations for the loss of a parent, grandparent, friend or anyone. Families also grieve the loss of pets; it is understandable to want to keep their memory alive for the most loyal, loving companion of all.

You will find different thematic and backgrounds you may add to your customizable sign; preferred requests include butterflies, doves, flowers, angels, trees and hearts. We are sure there is a unique image, from our extensive artwork, that will touch your heart in a caressing manner.

You may want to honor a person you have lost, or you may want to give a sympathetic, respectful present: an in loving memory signs is a perfect option. Search through our catalog.  You will feel them close and know in your heart this is not good-bye but a mere see-you-soon.