How gifts with your business logo have a high return on investment

How gifts with your business logo have a high return on investment.

Companies’ foremost goal is to generate loyalty among its customers. According to many reputable studies, the first impression plays a vital role in the way a client engages with a particular brand. Many statistics have documented this factor, the stronger your brand’s identity is, the more likely it will have a positive impact on the target audience. The most important aspect of a brand identity is the company’s logo.

It comes as evident then, why organizations display their logotype in as many places as they can: billboards, signage, printed advertisement, and, of course, promotional items. Promotional giveaways are a fantastic marketing tool; it increases market share, it entices potential clients, and it benefits customers with timely, functional, beautiful articles.

The first thing one must understand is that promotional items have to be selected and offered depending on the business nature.

Whether it is a flash drive, a pen, a coffee mug, or a calendar, items with a company’s logo generate leads like few other options. The amount of exposure these items give to the brand is unparalleled. The best thing? Most of the time, they are inexpensive; hence their return of investment is quite attractive to its users.

A small dip in Psychology can help to understand the tremendous success of promotional giveaways. The first thing to consider is that people –generally speaking –are grateful for a free product, even more, if the item adds value to their lives. In fact, over half of the people who receive a company’s item use it in their daily lives. And even if they do not use it personally, they will give it to someone else before throwing it away. Whatever it is printed on the article –a legend, contact info, and overall, your logo –people will feel an instant connection because something that it is “theirs” has your brand engraved on it.

Promotional items are affordable, even more when compared with other forms of advertising. They are made in bulk, but the impact they create in individuals is high. Statistics show that branded merchandise is more than 65% cost-effective per impression than newspaper ads, or TV and magazine advertisement. Statistics also show that the item’s life is six months on average. Think about it this way, for a small price, the brand gets advertised for half a year, to the least.
Promotional items’ final destination is the customer’s home, office, or car. In these spaces, the customer is continuously reminded of your brand, your product, and your services. Promotional giveaways are the perfect way to say: “I care. Thank you for being our client.” The exact words any customer wants to hear, even if they are to become one.

Lastly, branded merchandise has the automatic ability to link your logo to the product and service you are offering. When your company or business gives such items, you have a dual effect on your customer: it reminds them of you, and it solves them a practical problem. Small things can create the most significant results. Promotional giveaways have proved their worth as one of the best marketing tools ever.