Halloween Yard Signs
No. Halloween is not canceled! That would be scary! No pun intended. The all-American tradition is still on the calendar. Many custom parties are opening, and it looks that citizens are getting ready to trick and treat all across our nation. Nonetheless, we’re still amid a pandemic. So it should come as little surprise that Halloween celebrations and trick-or-treating will look different this year—just as other celebrations have been customized to the current circumstances.
No one wants to break their children’s heart by canceling Halloween altogether, there are a few options you can try to make this holiday corona-free and still fun!
• Go wild on the house decorations. Just because you won’t have people knocking on your door doesn’t mean you don’t get to spook the neighbors! Transform your yard into a cemetery, or a haunted are. Make sure to include several great yard signs which can serve as a guide or as tombstones!
• Opt for the sweet side and turn your lawn into Candyland. This is even cooler because you will be Halloween-matched, plus enhancing the social distancing guidelines. Set a big, lovely hallowing yard sign explaining the rules (they don’t have to knock), as they will collect the candy directly from your yard. Want to make it spookier? Put some prizes and candy next to tombstones!
• Trunk or treat. If your community hold stricter rules on social distancing, you can organize an event where kids go trick or treat car to car. You can host this party at your house too! Ask the neighbors to set up trunk displays in the driveway. Remember to have a few designated adults to make sure everyone is applying sanitizer and to avoid too many little hands reaching for candy at the same time.
• Forget about the traditional candy bowl. Get inspired this year and decorate a table on your lawn. Set it up as a “candy booth” where you can hand out individual packages of candy. Make sure to place a great Halloween yard sign next to it, explaining the dynamics. The idea is to showcase decorations, be original, and keep contact to a minimum.
• With the same idea as above, ask your children to decorate the table with their favorite characters. Instead of recurring to conventional themes such as a witch, maybe Mickey can be the spooky dude!
Haunted Houses and Halloween, in general, will look different this year. But that doesn’t mean the kids shouldn’t enjoy the festivities. Even if this means they have to be contact-free. Whatever idea you decide on, make sure to complement it with one, or many, Halloween yards signs. Write scare messages, or print ghostly faces. The only thing scarier will be to run out of candy!