You have found the love of your life; from the minute you saw her you knew in your heart there would be no one else occupying your thoughts night and day. You asked her to marry you, and she said yes! Who is going to be next to you that particular day? Who has been there for better or worse, in the peaks and valleys of your life? Your crew, your entourage, your guys. And now, of course, you want them by your side at your wedding, being key witnesses of your life pivotal moment.

Now, before the big day, you still have plenty of celebration to do; among these celebrations, you surely will have a bachelor’s party. This represents the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time –the last one as a single man!- with your close friends and family; it also represents a unique chance of giving them a gift, symbolizing the great appreciation you have for them. At Personalized by Kate, the options are countless! However, you may want to go classic and celebrate with a set of Groomsmen Whiskey Glasses.

There will be plenty of cheering and toasting that night, you surely want to do it in style with one of our customizable glasses, specially designed for your groomsmen.

Brandy, champagne, beer, and whiskey all have their own distinct glasses –all of them can be found through our extensive catalog! However, whiskey, only the history’s most intricate liquor, can be found served only in particular receptacles: a perfectly designed whiskey glass. Our whiskey glasses truly enhance every single trait in this renowned spirit: color, aroma, body, flavor and lingering effect. You know your crew is composed of fine men; give them something that soothes their elegant, refreshing taste.

The great thing about our gifts is that they are entirely customizable. That means you can add a personal touch, making them invaluable, memorable and a real keepsake. You may even start a tradition based on them; maybe you can propose that each time you all get together again each of you will bring their glass and toast reminiscing about the good old days and the exciting new ones to come. Some of the favorite and most popular customizations include: adding each one of their names, the date of the wedding, a quote about friendship or an inside joke.

Whatever message you are trying to portray, a personalized glass is the coolest, more stylish way to do it. Take time to appreciate how good of friends you have around you and how lucky you are to have them in your life; so before you say the definite: “I do” be sure to say: “Cheers.” Seek through our extensive catalog, pick your whiskey glass and add customization to have the drink of your life and a toast to remember.