It is impossible to utter the words: shot glasses and not imagining a cascade of laughter, happiness, and good vibes. We, at Personalized by Kate, know every married couple-to-be desires their wedding to be memorable and unforgettable in the minds and hearts of their guests. Precisely why, we offer customizable groomsmen shot glasses. These shot glasses are not only made out of top-quality material but can be customized according to your preferences.

Once we hear the word “shots,” the fun automatically begins. Now imagine being able to add some flair to your shot glasses: decorate them according to your party theme, and moreover, they serve as super cheerful party favors.

We can’t hardly think of anything more fun and joyful than a group of men, lovingly supporting his best pal on his wedding day: the all-time favorite groomsmen. These guys had stayed through thick and thin, helped you when you needed it the most and partying with you because‚Ķ what’s the point of life otherwise! It is time to give a little back, to show your appreciation and to show them how distinctive they are from the rest of the people in your life.

If you noticed the word “distinctive” you would understand we are talking about one of our awesome personalized gifts; in this case: Groomsmen Shot glasses. These are inexpensive, light, and are a terrific gift for your fantastic friends.

Shot Glasses For Groomsmen

Our customizable shot glasses come in two standard measurements: 1.25 fl oz and 2 oz. For those chary of heavy drinking, we also carry cheater shot glasses: their bottoms are solid and give the illusion of a plain shot glass. In reality, these cheater shot glasses can hold only about half the regular 1.25 fl oz. Our glasses also come in a variety of colors: from the classic crystal to vibrant red, green or pink to the never-boring black and white. We have amazing artwork and design templates you can utilize to customize them. A typical personalization includes the number you are celebrating and a funny, touching or witty phrase beneath it. Other choices encompass different images, quotes or one-word legends.

This day will make your life entirely different, you are starting a whole new family, the most excellent adventure of all. If this does not deserve a toast, we don’t know what does. Gather your groomsmen, the closest pals you have, your “buddies” and toast: to your happiness, to your future, to new adventures to begin. And, do it in style with a set of cool personalized groomsmen shot glasses specifically designed for your friends.

At Personalized by Kate we specialize in making extraordinary gifts out of everyday items; seek through our extensive catalog and choose the best style and size. Then proceed to the customization and let the party, definitely begin!