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According to tradition, the official duties of the groomsmen at a wedding include: Assist the groom on the wedding day, be in charge of the ushers, keep the wedding rings safe until needed during the ceremony, stand next to the groom during the wedding, and –in case of the best man- give an unforgettable speech at the party.

Groomsmen are usually the groom’s best friends or closest relatives; the task of choosing your entourage is quite challenging. If you have already picked them, congratulations are in order! Then, you wish to have a gesture of gratitude and appreciation with all of them. However, you realize how eclectic your group is. Ranging from different ages and tastes, no gift fits all… or is there?

Among our functional presents, preferred by men, lighters rank high on practicality and popularity due to three simple reasons: they are lightweight, inexpensive and incredibly useful.

While some people consider them a useful item –even an accessory- some view them as a much-needed tool. Preparing for the unexpected is essential for you and your family; if you are one of those people who like to keep an emergency kit, a lighter must be included. If you know your groomsmen, you know they will love it!

Moreover, lighters have been used and still are utilized for a wide variety of purposes: to light up a cigar, to start a delicious barbecue, to help on a camping trip and so and forth. Lighters make our lives way easier; especially for those who like to cook or enjoy the wilderness. At Personalized by Kate we specialize in turning ordinary items into thoughtful, unique presents; by adding customization to a lighter, you are crafting a gift to be remembered.

We have tons of ways in which you can personalize them. Select one of our many styles, engrave a personalized message, and let your crew know how much you appreciate them!