Beer enthusiasts have a love affair with growlers. Real fanatics fill them, collect them, and even drink straight from them. What is a growler anyway?
Resourceful drinkers have been finding ways to cart beer home since that first ancient brewer discovered the magical effect of fermenting yeasts with grains. There’s evidence that goes back to the 1800s that shows that people carried their beer back to their houses in pails. Those vintage beer buckets were made from steel, and eventually, a lid was incorporated.

Over the years, the popularity of the growler has grown tremendously. There are several reasons behind the surge in their favor. The first one is that growlers are eco-friendly as they are reusable. More and more companies and the public are seeking ways in which containers can be refilled.

The second one is the fantastic look to it. Even more, when you can customize a growler, adding a photo, a monogram, a phrase, or a logo, these sleek containers are ideal for storing your beer in style. Available in a range of sizes, they make it easy to enjoy a little or a lot of your favorite brew at home or on the go.

Benefits of Growlers
Beer growlers have many benefits. Here’s a quick overview:

Easy Way to Transport Draft Beer

Growlers are incredibly easy to take with you. Despite the many sizes and shapes, most growlers will have a handle for you to carry it by. Even when filled with beer, they’re not too heavy. They also help to keep the beer fresh while transporting or storing.


As homebrewing continues its rise in popularity, those same brewers will want to share their brew with their friends and family. Obviously, bottling your homebrew is a pretty straightforward method to share the joy. But what if you don’t want to put in the work of bottling, and instead prefer to keg your beer? Filling up one a growler is the easiest way to transport the brew without completely ruining it.

With so many customization options, growlers make the ideal gift if you’re seeking a present for your groomsmen. Show your entourage your appreciation with a sleek, cool, eco-friendly growler. Please search through our many customization options and add something that will make the present even more memorable. You can add the wedding date, a monogram, a phrase, or anything that reminds them of how much you value their friendship and their presence on your special day.