According to tradition, the official duties of the groomsmen at a wedding include: Assist the groom on the wedding day, be in charge of the ushers, keep the wedding rings safe until needed during the ceremony, stand next to the groom during the wedding, and –in case of the best man- give an unforgettable speech at the party.

Those may sound like easy tasks, and while they are uncomplicated per se, they do represent the difference between a happy, smooth-running wedding and a stressed, worrisome couple… yikes! In other words, groomsmen are in charge of making sure the groom is well accompanied, and the bride is stress-free. You got to give it to these handsome, loyal friends.

Groomsmen are usually the groom’s best friends or closest relatives; the task of choosing your entourage is quite challenging. If you have already picked them, congratulations are in order! Then, you wish to have a gesture of gratitude and appreciation with all of them. However, you realize how eclectic your group is. Ranging from different ages and tastes, no gift fits all… or is there? Why not gift them with something useful, functional, thoughtful and –with a bit of customization- unforgettable! : one of our personalized groomsmen bottle openers.

Groomsmen Gift Bottle Opener

A bottle opener it is that small and practical device that allows the removal of bottle caps.

If there’s a novelty item we all like –and need- that would be a bottle opener. Whether your groomsmen want to enjoy a glass of liquor in their home-bar or entertain housewife, they need to keep one in their kitchen drawer at all times. In our daily lives, in celebrations, parties, a bottle opener is that item that everybody expects you to have.

Personalized Bottle Openers have become a sought-after item when it comes to gift someone special. The great variety of them and the endless possibilities when it comes to customizing them makes them a present that can be as funky or classic as desired.

Bottle openers come in all shapes and forms. At Personalized by Kate we carry the most popular versions of them:

  • The Basic Bottle opener. It is often a simple piece of metal with a rectangular or circular aperture on one end and a handle that allows being gripped with the hand. Do not underestimate this elementary version, it is still the most popular.
  • Churchkey or crown cork opener. This remarkable and antique version, aside from being portable, it comes to a fixture to be attached to vertical surfaces.
  • Bar Blade or Speed Opener. The particularity of this one is a letterbox cut at the other end. The purpose of it is to remove the crown seals of some bottles. This one is the bartenders favorite.
  • Waiter’s friend. This bottle opener is also a corkscrew. It has a flat housing with a corkscrew and a lever.

Now the only thing you need to do is choose the type you like, and add personalization to it. Maybe you wish to engrave your groomsmen initials or write inspirational wording.

At Personalized by Kate, we know how special you want your customizable items to be. That’s why through our easy process, you can look for a design and make out of a groomsmen bottle opener a present that will bring laughter, happiness, and enjoyment for many years to come.