According to tradition, the official duties of the groomsmen at a wedding include: Assist the groom on the wedding day, be in charge of the ushers, keep the wedding rings safe until needed during the ceremony, stand next to the groom during the wedding, and –in case of the best man- give an unforgettable speech at the party.

Although groomsmen perform those tasks diligently, everybody knows that they excel at organizing the bachelor party, A type of farewell dinner with the groom’s best friends. A sort of goodbye to his bachelor life and a welcome to his exciting, new chapter in his life. Groomsmen are usually the groom’s best friends or closest relatives; the task of choosing your entourage is quite challenging. If you have already picked them, congratulations are in order! Then, you wish to have a gesture of gratitude and appreciation with all of them. However, you realize how eclectic your group is. , no gift fits all… or is there?

At Personalized by Kate, we are well aware that beer-drinking is a universal language between males; like a bonding link that forms eternal fellowships between men. Thousands of problems and issues have been dissected, discussed and solved between sips of cold dark ale. Endless laughter and joy are always present when a group of real friends enjoys a pitcher of lager. Do you see where we are going? You do not have to keep looking for a unique, excellent gift for all of your groomsmen: a personalized beer mug is a perfect choice!

Gone are the days of asking for a beer at the bar and routinely getting a pint glass filled with light beer. Today, good bars have nearly as many glasses as they do beer styles. And, at Personalized by Kate, we carry only the best Beer mugs that will keep the taste, aroma, and body of your lager just the way it was intended.

Among these glasses, beer mugs are one of the most beloved; they are incredibly robust, holds a lot of liquid and it is easy to use. The main characteristic of the beer mug is its broad cylindrical form with a handle on the side. Proper insulation is provided by the thick glass walls, which keeps the brew fresh. The handle prevents the beer from going warm due to your constant touch.

Personalized Beer Mugs For Groomsmen

We carry beer mugs that have dimples through the glass; do not get confused, these are not purely decorative! Experts claim it helps the drinker appreciate the color and clarity of his lager.

At Personalized by Kate, we carry endless options for you to customize your beer mugs; you may add a monogram, your friend’s initials, or a personal inside joke between the two of you. DO you wish to start a grand tradition? Ask each one of your groomsmen to bring their beer mugs to the reception, so you can all toast together for true love, future happiness and years of friendship to come.

Are your groomsmen more like James Bond or Indiana Jones? There is no need to lean to one side or the other; by gifting them a crystal clear, engraved mug in which they will enjoy their favorite ale, you will become the one guy who understands them. Keep it cool, keep it fresh, like your favorite beer, groomsmen beer mugs are the way to go!