When we think about grandmas, an immediate image comes to mind: her loving, caring face with a bright smile and the perfect comforting, delicious food that filled our stomachs and alleviated any possible problem. Grandmothers have been the ultimate fixers. When nothing else works, Grandma knows her way around that problem or at least a way to make you feel much better.

If you loved your grandma, just imagine how much this tiny, chubby little fellow will love his: You! Now it is your turn to become that celestial creature, designed to spoil, pamper, and care for this brand new baby. Congrats! You are entering one of the most exciting, joyous stages of life. You want to get this baby a lovely present, but are clueless. There is something unique, functional and beautiful that a) will help the baby feel fresh and cozy b) will help the mommy keep the baby comfortable and clean c) will be kept as a beautiful memento for many years to come: a personalized onesie!

Onesies are the staple of baby’s wardrobe. Parents wisely use onesies instead of regular shirts because they snap at the crotch, therefore preventing them from hiking up and exposing sweet, kissable baby bellies to the cold. If you read your new-momma-Bible, you must know you should have several onesies for each stage of development. They hold up very well in the wash, last forever, and are stretchy around the neck and shoulders, which makes for easy on and off.

Keep in mind that the parents are going to be changing A LOT of diapers throughout the day for newborns, so you want clothing that makes this more comfortable for you, not more of a struggle. And a onesie is the answer to all of their prayers.

At Personalized by Kate we excel in turning everyday, functional items into fantastic, gorgeous mementos. A baby’s wardrobe will not be complete unless there is a grandma onesie in it. What is a grandma onesie? It is a piece of garment that has something evoking how much you love your grandson/grandniece. This can be a funny/witty phrase such as: “Please pass me to me grandma” “Grandma’s favorite one”  or “Blessed by God, but Spoiled by Grandma.” You can also add heart touching wording such as “ I hold the key to my grandma’s heart” or simply “I love you, grandma.”

Grandma onesies are also a great idea to announce a pregnancy. Do you want to surprise your parents or in-laws with the best possible news? Wrap them a onesie with the words: “You will be promoted to grandma,” and her heart will be filled with joy as never before.

Practical, functional, lovely, customizable; our onesies are the cutest gifts any baby can get.

We carry different styles, colors, and sizes. So first, scroll through our catalog and pick the one you like the most; add customization for a more personal, thoughtful gift. Enjoy this new blessing with one of our Grandma Baby Onesies!