Graduation definitely represents a pivotal moment in anyone’s life. If you are throwing a graduation party for your daughter or son, you want them to look back and remember it as a success. From the decorations to the invites, to the food; there’s a lot of planning to do! To not get overwhelmed with the tasks, we recommend you follow a checklist.

Before thinking about the menu, or the music, you have to choose a theme. Giving a specific topic to a party makes it fun and memorable. With a little thought and effort, you’ll be able to match invitations, the food and of course, the decorations. Popular grad themes include: sports themed, a Luau-themed party, a sail-away party (for the college grad relocating to another city), Western-themed and more. Pizza parties are fun for younger kids. Mexican-themed parties are also on high on the list for graduation parties.

Besides the iconic balloons, party signs are the new trend. And thanks to our comprehensive catalog, you will waste no time and effort in making one or several ideal for your party!

Signs can be utilized as a part of the party decoration or even to surprise the person.  You may hang it on his/her door, car, or wherever the celebration is being held.

You can have inspiring quotes, ad hoc phrases, or anything that relates that particular person’s tastes and preferences. At Personalized by Kate, we carry a large variety of materials, sizes, and options for you to create the perfect sign or plaque for your party. Personalized signs are often collected; so you can start your own collection and proudly display it in your next party or gathering, it will be an eye-catcher and the topic of many conversations!

Choose from vintage, modern, classic, or romantic, depending on your taste or preferences. They come in different sizes and materials such as wood, plastic, and metal, and can be customized using different designs, typographies, or images.

Some people want to get extra creative by choosing images instead of wording or to complement a phrase. Since we have many materials and styles to choose from, the more creative you get, the more your graduation sign will be amazing.

A lovely old picture, a preferred character, a favorite quote; you can add anything you like to celebrate the accomplishments of your son or daughter. You can even use our signs to play fun games between kids or teenagers.

Graduating is always special, and every single one of these occasions must be celebrated. It does not matter if your kid has finished Preschool or has just gotten his Ph.D., make sure to party in style. Go through our extensive catalog and choose one of our fantastic Graduation party Signs. Add a personal touch and make this moment something to remember!