Technically speaking, Graduation is getting a diploma or academic degree or the ceremony that is sometimes associated with it, in which students become graduates. People graduate from High-school and Universities all the time. Although, you can technically graduate from kindergarten! We do receive a diploma, don’t we?

People celebrate graduation because by merely mentioning the word “graduation” feelings of accomplishment, achievement, joy and, yes, relief can be sensed. Graduation is the culmination of that person’s efforts, struggles, sleepless hours and sacrifices to go the extra mile, to go after their dreams, to be better.

With that being said, anyone graduating from any grade, deserves a celebration, a party. And in the center of all that joy and pride, must stand the cake –the flavor was previously chosen by the graduate of course!-. And on top of the cake, must be a unique, funny, bright, congratulatory or classic cake topper.

Cake Toppers make statements, adorn your cake and add flair to it. These come especially in handy when we are trying to say something about the hard-working student being celebrated. The style ranges from elegant and classy, to goofy and whimsical; you may prefer glowing letters, bold numbers… whatever your preferences, at Personalized by Kate, we carry the best topper for the graduate.

At Personalized by Kate, we are crazy in love with milestones. We highly recommend you choose a unique design depending on the milestone: “Happy Graduation” is the ultimate classic, although you are more than welcome to choose different wording such as “You Made it,” “Brand new Lawyer” etc.

If the graduate you are celebrating is a more reserved one, a simple, basic, yet a classy set of initials on top will suffice to tell the guests who you are toasting to. We do carry number cake toppers, in case you specifically wish to focus on the number. We have a long list of figures, depicting the graduate’s favorite hobbies, to make the cake and topper extra special. You may use figurines to describe what is she/he graduating on! She may be becoming the next star doctor; he may be graduating from Arts. Our grandpa may be finally acquiring his Literature Major diploma, after all these years; that calls for a celebration!

If you want to skip the figurines at all, we offer Happy graduation mottos in icing, yes! Our cake toppers can be chosen edible or non-edible.

Whatever the occasion, from kindergarten to a Ph.D., any graduation deserves a celebration. Top yours or your beloved ones with a thoughtful, funny, lovely cake topper.