Every one of us has a friend or a family member who is a pet lover. In general, pet lovers are considered selfish, caring, and joyful people, whose heart is big enough, not only to be occupied by humans but also furry friends! Yet, did you know there’s quite a difference between a pet lover and a cat lover?

  • Dog people tend to be more outgoing and energetic; a dog person is going to be more lively, because they’re going to want to be out there, outside, talking to people, bringing their dog.
  • Dog People Most Value Companionship While Cat Lovers Appreciate How Affectionate Their Pets Are.
  • On the other hand, cat people are more introverted, sensitive, and open-minded.

They say things resemble their owner, so by looking at your friend’s pet, you can have a pretty good idea of what would be a perfect present for them! And you may have guessed by now: they would love a gift related to their furry friend.

Pet lovers never get tired of buying gear, toys, and treats for their companions; that’s why at Personalized by Kate, we carry a wide array of presents –pet-related –that serve as a perfect present for that person devoted and caring for his/her dog or cat.

Among our most popular items are food/water dishes, leashes, plaques, pet clothing, stuffed animals for pets and beds. We haven’t even reached the fun part! You can customize every single one of our items; you can use initials, the pet’s name, useful information (for example contact info for a plaque or leash), loving wording or even photos.

All of our items come in different varieties, for example, we carry plastic and metal dishes; our leashes come in various options, etc. Before purchasing anything, you can find out if your friend’s little –or big –pet needs something in particular. If he or she’s covered regarding the basics, you can go for fun things such as toys or clothing. Moreover, you can seek through our catalog and look for matching items for pet and owner such as t-shirts.

If you are sticking to the basics, and are not acquainted with the pet’s specific needs, you may want to check with the owner or look-up for information. For example, cats don’t wear leashes! And big dogs need specific space to sleep. You do not want to get the wrong thing.

Now that the pet lover in your life is celebrating something –can even be the pet’s birthday! –Do not miss the opportunity and get something lovely from our wide offer. Pick an item and pour your love into customizing it!