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#1 Dad Beer Mug

#1 Dad Coffee Mug

#1 Dad Knife

#1 Dad Pint Glass

#1 Dad Travel Mug w Handle

#1 Dad Whiskey Glass – Round

Amazing Dad Cake Topper

Best Dad Ever BBQ Set

Best Dad Ever Beer Mug

Best Dad Ever Cake Topper

Best Dad Ever Love Pint Glass

Best Dad Ever Travel Mug w Handle

Best Dad Ever w Birth Dates Whiskey Glass – Round

Best Dad Ever w Names Whiskey Glass – Round

Craft Brew Growler

Custom Name Humidor

Custom Text BBQ Set

Dad G.O.A.T Knife

Daddy w Date Knife

Family Photo Pillow Case

Father The Man The Myth The Legend Knife

Grill Sergeant BBQ Set

Happy 1st Father’s Day Travel Mug w Handle

Happy Father’s Day Beer Mug in Block Text

Happy Father’s Day Beer Mug in Script Text

Happy Father’s Day Block Text Whiskey Glass – Round

Happy Father’s Day Love, Name Coffee Mug

Happy Father’s Day Love, Your Favorite Child Coffee Mug

Happy Father’s Day Pint Glass in Block Text

Happy Father’s Day Pint Glass in Script Text

Happy Father’s Day Script Text Whiskey Glass – Round

Happy Father’s Day w Stars Coffee Mug

Happy Father’s Day, Love Name Travel Mug w Handle

Home Brew Growler

I Like Pig Butts and I Cannot Lie BBQ Set

I Love You Dad Always Beer Mug

I Love You Dad Always Coffee Mug

I Love You Dad Always Pint Glass

I Love You Dad Always Travel Mug w Handle

Just Grill It BBQ Set

King of the Grill BBQ Set

Monogram + Full Name Humidor

Monogram + Name Humidor

Monogram in Circle Humidor

Name Beside Monogram Humidor

Name Inside Monogram Humidor

Papa w Year Knife

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Our hero, our knight in shining armor, our supporter, our confidant, our partner in crime… Father’s are that and much more! Not only they gave us the gift of life, but they also spend their own taking care of us in imaginable ways.

At Personalized by Kate, we specialize in transforming emotions and feelings into thoughtful, incredible presents that say: “I love you” “I couldn’t have done it without you” “You are my leading role” and all the inspiring thoughts one feels towards the man of our life.

A few reasons why you should take advantage of every single opportunity to cherish your Dad:

  • Your Father is one of the main reasons you are successful in life. It has been proved that supportive, present fathers are almost a guarantee of their children’s success. Think about the endless homework, career decision making, and university applications. Who was there to hold your hand, give you advice and guide you through difficult situations? Your Father!
  • Your Father worked very hard to keep your family together, safe and happy. Fathers are the ultimate bacon bringers. It is on their DNA! From the moment they wake up until they are asleep again at night, every single effort thought and action goes toward improving the quality of life of his family.
  • Your father has been your most assiduous admirer. Moms are all about pampering, no doubt, but dads have a unique role upon cheering for their kids. They may be the soccer coach, the head of the PTA, and later on, the person you turn to when you have to make a difficult decision in life.

At Personalized by Kate, we acknowledge the importance of having a caring dad in our lives; that’s why we have an ample compilation of items, which are excellent ideas to celebrate these heroes.

Still struggling to think of ideas? Some of our favorites include personalized flasks, for the sophisticated gentlemen; hardware tool kit, for the handyman; a cool pocket knife, for your favorite problem fixer; barbecue sets, for the chef of your life; or photo frames for the sentimental person hiding behind a tough exterior.

Nobody knows your father as you do, and tastes and preferences can vary a lot from dad to dad. That’s why our offer is ample and the choices are infinite. Because the goal is to give him something meaningful and useful. Remember, dads, tend to be more practical than moms. He will truly be grateful to receive a set of beer pints so he and his crew can enjoy the trendiest artisanal beer in town.

All of our items are 100% customizable, this means you will be able to add personalization to your gift by selecting: material, color, size and something printed or engraved on it, such as his name, initials or other wording you may choose.

Birthday, Father’s Day, Christmas, Superbowl night… any excuse will do it. Celebrate the man who helped you become the amazing person you are!