Aunts undoubtedly play a crucial role in their nieces and nephew’s upbringing. Being an aunt does not mean simply being related to someone; it’s an entire way of life. Aunts are truly second mothers, wise advisers, true friends, great teachers and, an exhaustible source of love and affection.

Everybody loves aunts. You may view your aunt as a supporter, a counselor, and in all honesty, a great companion to have lots of fun. Her birthday may be coming, and you might be thinking about whether getting something for her. The definite answer is: yes, you must! But before giving you a few pointers, let us remind you a few reasons why your aunt is an incredible part of your life:

  • Your aunt views life differently. We all have occasional disagreements with our parents, that’s when a piece of advice from an aunt comes especially in handy. From teaching you how to knit, explaining to you that math exercise or assisting through a difficult situation; your aunt provides all the right answers.
  • They never miss a chance to spend time with you. Aunts are selfless creatures. They are willing to put everything else apart –work, leisure time, other commitments- in order to spend some fun time with you. From museums to concerts, from picnics to trips to the beach, an aunt is always ready to spend some quality time and have lots of fun with her nieces and nephews.
  • Aunts are always ready to give love and affection. When we think about aunts, it is impossible not to feel an avalanche of kisses and hugs throughout our childhood (or even still!). Aunts love to express their affection and shower their nieces and nephews with accolades, embraces, and kisses.
  • Aunts never –ever- miss an anniversary or a milestone. Is it your birthday? Your graduation? Your wedding? Who was there in the front line, clapping and cheering for you? Yes! Your proud aunt.

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