Gift Ideas for the “Foodie/Chef” in your life

We all know that one person that lives for food. This person usually loves to try new restaurants or new cuisines but also may love to cook at home. Chances are if they love food that much, they partake in both. If you’re looking for gift ideas for that person in your life, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of gift ideas perfect for your food/cooking fanatic.

Cutting Board
Let’s start off with this beautiful wood cutting board. Everyone who loves to cook should have a few (I am nowhere near a lover of cooking and I have four that I use almost daily). You’ll want to have a few that can get good and banged up but you’ll also want one or two to keep pretty. Whether it’s to display in the kitchen or to use for special meals, having this cutting board fills every need or purpose. Even though it’s a personalized item, it’s still very understated and that is what I love about this one in particular. If you’re into something a little or ornate, check out some other options here and here.

Recipe Box
The next item is something truly special. In a technology-driven world, most people use their phones or tablets to follow a recipe and that can really make the whole cooking experience annoying. Every website is riddled with advertisements and who wants to constantly scroll to follow a recipe? I don’t and I’m going to venture to say that many out there would agree with me. I love handwritten recipes and here’s why: its more traditional, way easier to follow, and you can make notes on the card for anything that worked or didn’t work with that particular recipe. With that being said, this sweet recipe box will house all your recipes. And this is an item that also doubles as kitchen counter decor. More options here.

The next item would definitely be for the person who loves to grill. This personalized BBQ set is everything you’ll need to man the grill. The bonus is that it comes in a beautifully crafted wooden case. The case will help with keeping your grilling tools clean and in great condition and also looks cool doing so. Most grills come with a drawer or “cabinet” where this can be stored (in the nicer weather) or it can displayed in the home. And for the special guy in your life, this is a great birthday or Fathers day gift!

And because no great meal happens without wine (in my opinion), I’m throwing some personalized wine glasses on this list.

I hope this helps with gift ideas for the person who loves food and cooking. Check out our site for more ideas and different personalization options!