Gift Ideas for Guy Friends

Words of appreciation and small gestures go a long way in helping you keep your friendship strong through the years, but occasionally, you need a little more than that. Whether it is a male friend’s birthday, graduation, or wedding, it calls for a nice little present to express your appreciation of their friendship to you, and your happiness at their success and progress in life.

Heck, you do not need an occasion to give gifts and presents to your guy friends! You can merely surprise them with a small something just because you want to! No day is better than today to show your guy friends that you adore them and are grateful for their presence in your life.

What to gift guy friends is a dilemma that almost every girl understands. What can you give your guy friends that is not clichéd, cheesy, and lame, without breaking your bank?

If you are confused about the same, we have compiled a list of some really cool gift ideas that your guy friends are sure to love.

Personalized Glasses

Friends who drink together, stay together. If you and your guy friend are drinking buddies, he is sure to love his own customized champagne glass or beer mug. You can get the glass to say anything you wish and customize it to any occasion you want. You can write something witty on the glass that will make him crack up everything he finishes a glass.

A personalized drinking glass is such an amazing gift idea that is neither too expensive nor useless. Next time you guys drink together, your guy friend can enjoy the drink in his own personal drinking glass while recounting a funny story and spending quality time with you. It is a thoughtful present as even if you guys are apart, you know he’ll remember you as he pours himself a glass of wine and instantly be transported to the good times you had and will surely have again.

Personalized glasses are a classy staple to have in your kitchen, at every event. When guests are served in them, they know who’s hosting the auspicious occasion and at whose place they were able to make these memories that they’ll cherish.

Personalized Pet Bowls

What is one thing that pet lovers love more than their friends? Their pets. Their pets are essentially their children, and they would give their own life to make their furry babies. The way to their hearts is through their pets. Nothing would please them more than pleasing their furry darlings. You can get customized pet food bowls, complete with the names of their pets, and your friend is sure to get excited about it. Not only would you instantly become your guy friend’s favorite, but also his pets’, earning yourself some cuddles from the furry babies too – a win-win situation.

Maybe your friend has a roommate who also has a pet; personalized pet bowls can ensure there won’t be any mix-ups between your pet’s cute, personalized bowls and their roommate’s pet’s boring bowls.

Personalized Bottle Opener

Your friend can throw out his boring bottle openers. If your guy friend’s idea of a fun night is to be drinking in, you can get him a customized bottle opener in his favorite color with his initials on it. He can pop open as many bottles as he pleases in style. His host experience can come with an edge as Saturdays with the boys can lead to bottle opening escalating really fast, passing around a personalized bottle opener is a quirky way to let the boys know who was hosting when they had an awesome time. A bottle opener is an amazing tool to carry to parties and can easily serve as a warm-up to a new friendship if you offer to open a beer for someone and what better way to do it than with your personalized bottle opener. Moreover, offering to help a lady with opening her beer bottle is the updated version of chivalry, and you can be sure your friend will send you a thank you text for landing him in this position. Let the fun begin!

Personalized Flask

There is nothing classier than a personalized flask. Whether they have custom printed initials on them, logos of something that means a lot to your friend or symbols of friendship, as well as some intimate saying between the two of you, personalized flasks will take your friend’s drinking experience to another level of sophistication. You won’t always have your choice of liquor at every outdoor gathering, and when your friend is caught in such a situation and craves their own choice of poison, they’re going to feel thankful for having a friend quirky enough to get them a personalized flask to ensure that their nights out stay perfect. You may also like the idea of getting personalized flasks for the both of you to drink out of on nights you two hang out or go on adventures – two flasks commemorating one strong bond of friendship. You can get them engraved with the number of years you guys have cherished your friendship, a map of where you met, or even a saying that is special between the both of you.  

Personalized Water Bottle

Fluids are important. What is more important is to consume them in style. If you are some who likes to gift people with stuff that they can definitely use every day and not just something that sits unused around the house then you can surprise your friend with a personalized flask as a present! With awareness to consume the right amount of water intake has become the new trend the bottle you carry around with yourself needs to be properly accessorized. There is no need for your friend to carry around a boring water bottle when he hits the gym when he has you as a thoughtful and aesthetic loving friend.

Gift your friend a personalized flask with a motivation quote that would pump him harder between work outs, print some witty text on a flask that is an inside joke to make them chuckle during between long work hours when they take a water break. You can print initials on the flask to make sure they always find their way back in case they get lost. Print their favorite movie quotes, their favorite superhero logo or even their pet’s cute face on the flask.

Personalized Photo Puzzle

How about gifting him something that the two of you can enjoy together? A personalized photo puzzle can have a fun picture of the two of you, broken down as a puzzle. We don’t mean an easy-peasy children’s puzzle; we mean challenging, break-your-back, takes-you-days to complete puzzles. You can specify how many pieces of the puzzle you would want it to be. A 1000-piece puzzle would be challenging enough for both of you and would ensure that you spend ample time trying to piece it together. Game night, anyone?

The time you spend bonding together over the puzzle would be precious and invaluable, and the puzzle would let you guys work your brains a bit. So, is your guy friend up for a challenge?

Personalized Knives

Pulling out a pocketknife for odd jobs around the house is handy; it also exudes an air of masculinity, what with action movies always having a particular knife flourishing scene. A personalized knife with a symbol that means something to your guy friend or just his initials on it could be a convenient and useful accessory to have, especially if your friend has a penchant for adventure sports, hiking, and exploring rough landscapes, which requires plenty of cutting through ropes and obstacles. Of course, it is as useful around the house for someone who likes to regularly take on fixer-upper projects. A personalized knife is also a great way of saying that you care about the recipient and want them to be safe, a knife for protection is always a safe bet. With crime rates surging, it can’t hurt to be armed with a personalized knife, which can prove useful in dangerous situations, and the personalization of the knife can offer comfort and support during the process. The less fairer sex has always been fond of weaponry; even if they don’t get a chance to use it, it’s always a source of comfort and pride to them to know they are there for protection if the need presents itself.

Personalized Lighters

Imagine flipping out a cool lighter with your name on it, flicking it open to light your smoke. Classy, right? If your friend is a smoker or is fond of smoking, you can get him a personalized lighter that he can carry around in his pocket and use. You can add a name, date, or short message to make the piece memorable and meaningful to your guy friend. Adding cool logos and symbols that are relevant to his interests, for example, the logo of his favorite sports team, his favorite superhero, or his favorite video game can make for an exciting present. When he’s out with people and whips out his own custom made lighter that reflects his interests, it can serve as a great conversation starter, and he’ll always have you to thank for it.

Personalized Passport Cover

Traveling is perhaps the greatest pleasure in life, but we often get so bogged down with work and other responsibilities that we put the thought to the back of our mind. As a good friend, you must urge him to take some time off for himself and enjoy traveling, even if it’s simply to the neighboring state or country. A personalized passport cover could be your way of reminding him that maybe it’s time for a vacation. What’s better, you can tag along too and make it an exciting trip for two?

His personalized passport cover could state his name, and the flags, postal stamps, or names of all the countries he has visited, making it a creative and eye-catching cover. Or it could be a minimalistic but classy cover to keep his passport safe and sound

Perhaps your guy friend is a great traveling junkie and is always off exploring new countries and cultures. A personalized passport cover can be a great addition to his traveling gear, and it would communicate your appreciation for his passion for traveling. You could even hide plane tickets to somewhere nice for him if you want to make it a grand gesture. Happy travels!

Personalized Name Plate

Men love marking territory. A classy name plate that’s personalized specifically to their style is an amazing office fixture to give. Often times, offices just distribute the same boring nameplates that have been lying around and are homogenous to each other. People spend a better part of their lives in their workplace, adding a touch of flair and professionalism through a personalized name plate could do wonders for morale and for clients and other people who visit your friend’s workplace all thanks to you.  Name plates can do wonders for home offices where people may feel out of place and need the space to take on an air of professionalism, so this could be a perfect gift for such people.

If your friend’s an entrepreneur starting out new or has joined a new firm, you know exactly what to get them when you offer your congratulations, a personalized name plate! Nothing says I support your dreams more than a name plate, not to mention the calming of first-day nerves when they look at their name plate and remember it as a loving gesture from their friend who believes in them.

Personalized Photo Frames

Photo frames might sound clichéd at first thought but hear us out! A personalized photo frame can hold whatever picture you please inside it. It could be a picture of the two of you hanging out, from a memorable trip you took together, or it could be a picture of your entire friend group. Personalized frames can have his name engraved on it and add a more personal touch than a regular photo frame.

Photo frames are also one of the most foolproof gift ideas. Who does not like having photos in their house, be it hanging along the stairs or placing them on his bed stand? A cute photo frame would add a little more personality to his room and have a photo of his dear friends always in front of his eyes and always in his mind.

Personalized Wine Boxes

How often have you thought of gifting a wine bottle but decided to go another way due to it seeming like a general gift? If you want your wine bottle to seem like a more heartfelt present, all you have to do is get a personalized wine box to house your wine bottle in it. Your personalized wine box gives the wine bottle a more vintage and luxurious feel, and it makes sure your wine bottle doesn’t seem like a last-minute present but a more thoughtful gesture. It can also come useful later in storing wine bottles, and while a bottle of wine will get discarded, a personalized wine box is bound to stay in your friend’s kitchen as an accessory and reminder of the loving gesture, the occasion, and time when you both enjoyed the wine and the good times that came with it.

Personalized Canvas Prints

Does your guy friend have zero taste for home décor and aesthetic? If his house or apartment looks absolutely dull and boring, you can help him add some color into it by gifting him a canvas print specially made for him. You can even get a portrait of his own self printed to hang in his lounge or room. If that seems too self-obsessed, you can get him a canvas print of his favorite football club, his favorite actor, or his favorite author. You can tweak the canvas print in any way you like so that it fits your guy friend’s sense of style and complements his place well. A large canvas or frame can transform a room drastically. So, gift him a piece of art that can stay on his wall, liven up his place, and remind him of you.

Personalized Notebook your friend organized? Or is he an aspiring poet? Or a hard-working student? If so, a cool, personalized notebook could make for a great gift for him. Writing becomes ten times more enjoyable when you’re doing it in an appealing notebook that has your name engraved on the front.

Even if your guy friend is not a fan of keeping a notebook, gifting him one could encourage him to start journaling his life and feelings. It’s always a healthy idea to jot down your feelings in writing, and our guy friends need it more than anything else. Who knows, the notebook or diary might just become his best friend instead of you.

If it is your friend’s birthday, gifting him a notebook or an organizer could be your way of telling him to grow up and become more organized. You could also add a personalized note inside the cover to make it even more special.

Personalized Mouse Pad

Mouse pads can either be boring or fun. Get a personalized mouse pad printed with hilarious inside jokes, pictures, or memes that mean something to you both, and I can guarantee you that during long hours of tedious work, a single glance at your hilarious personalized mouse pad can lighten the mood. You can also give him plenty of different themed ones to choose from so that he can freshen up his workplace when he needs to. For your friend who loves video games, you can personalize elements of his video games onto the mouse pad, I can assure you he will love it!

Pets are an amazing source of happiness; you can get your friend’s pet to pose in a silly picture and personalize a mouse pad with it so that during dreary hours of work, he can be reminded of his little pal who’s waiting for him at home.

Personalized Tote Bags

As the world becomes more plastic averse, a larger number of tote bags are coming in handy, especially to people who seek to curb their use of plastic. While women often have multiple tote bags lying around, men are low on the supply due to their lack of habit of carrying a bag at all. However, tote bags are exceptionally useful in moving around a larger number of things from home to work to the marketplace, they are useful everywhere. Gifting a tote bag with a personalized masculine theme to it can get your environmentally concerned guy friends excited. They can easily carry these around, sporting their favorite logos, symbols, quotes and discourage the use of plastic, whether doing groceries or just carrying things to and fro.

A personalized tote bag also gives the guys the luxury of finally being able to find a tote bag that doesn’t look like it belongs on the shoulder of a middle-aged woman but in fact, exudes his own personality by customizing his favorite color and style into it. Printing out slogans on the tote bag for causes that he believes in can be a really good way of giving a heartfelt present as well as letting him know that he’s got you as an ally and can use the tote bag to advertise for his cause.

Types of Guy Friends

Of course, there is no answer to what the right gift for a guy friend is. Your guy friends all have different personalities, interests, hobbies, and lives. When deciding what to gift your guy friend, do keep in mind his unique interests, the things that he enjoys, and things that would complement his personality. A well-thought-out and personalized gift is far better than an expensive one. After all, it is the thought that counts.

Even within your own circle of friends, there might be several different kinds of guys, and the level of your friendship, comfort, and frankness may differ with each of them. With some, you might vibe better, while some might be great for a fun night out. Here are some of the types of guy friends that every girl has in her life.

The Conversationalist

Not every guy has the emotional quotient of a snail. Some are emotionally available to talk and listen and provide the emotional support that is the basis of any relationship or friendship. We all have that one guy friend who we can go to in times of trouble or emotional crisis, knowing that he will listen to you, calm you down, and provide rational solutions to whatever is bothering you. You can talk to him about a bad breakup, about family struggles, about financial fixes, and about your mental health, without an ounce of judgment or dismissiveness from your side. Hold on to guy friends like these; they are literal gems!

Such people would appreciate personalized gifts the most as it is the sentimental value of the gift, they value more than the materialistic one. A personalized notebook or personalized art frame would mean the world to them.

The Joker

The one friend who has a killer sense of humor and keeps everybody doubled over in laughter all the time. The guy who just cannot stop fooling around, no matter the time of the day or the occasion. The guy you can count on to be the life of the party with his funny stories. Though they are incredibly fun to be around, it is very hard to make them switch to a more serious mode. Nevertheless, there is nobody more fun to be around than the joker friend. They might embarrass you in a fine-dine restaurant, and might not be the best person to go to for advice, but whenever you do need a pick-me-up, they are the first ones that you should call.

The jokers might enjoy many other things in their personal lives, and though they act as if everything is a joke to them, they might have a very sensitive side too, which would be delighted at receiving a personalized from you.

The Gamer

There is always that one friend that is impossible to separate from his PlayStation or video games. You might have to drag him out of his house to get him to come hang out with you and get a bit of sunlight. It doesn’t really matter what age the gamer boys are; they are never too young or too old for video games. You might have to eventually learn to play with him so you two can spend quality time together.

What the gamer boy would appreciate the most would be a DVD of a new videogame coming out, but if you don’t know much about his taste in games much, it’s best to stick to other things. A customized mouse pad would be very much appreciated by such a guy.

The sports fan

The athletic guy who always has a game to catch or a match to play whenever you guys hang out. The only place he ever invites you to is the games of his favorite team, where he cheers in the bleachers and mansplains the game to you. Occasionally, he might invite you to a game where he is playing. If you yourself are not much into sports, these casual hangouts at the football games can become very boring very fast.

What would a sports fan treasure the most as a gift? Perhaps a signed baseball from his favorite player? Or better yet, a personalized bat of whatever sports he plays and is most into. This could be a statement piece to hang in his room, or actually use and play with. Regardless, he will really appreciate a gift that reflects his passion for sports.

The Guy Who’s Always Dressed to Impress

Ever invited your guy friend for a casual hang at the fast-food joint or a bar, and he turned up dressed to the nines? Some guys dress up for all occasions so well that they can make the others in the room feel underdressed and homeless. Understandably, these guys always tend to attract the most attention from the ladies too. The well-dressed guy is extremely particular about his appearance and image, so the perfect gift for him could comprise of a personalized lighter or a customized wallet that would add to his image.

At the end of the day, you know better what your guy friend would like to be gifted. From the tens of ideas given above, you can choose anything and get it personalized by Kate to make for the perfect gift to your guy friends, regardless of the occasion.

There are more options available on Personalized by Kate, and if you still cannot choose a gift idea for your friends, you can head over to the website and check out the various other options you have. We are sure your guy friends would love anything you pick out for them and see how much thought and love went into each of the.

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