If you want to talk about trends when it comes to babies: gender reveal parties are in vogue! Most people now, instead of finding out in a cold, white, doctor’s office, they choose to have a special celebration –with family and friends- to discover if they are expecting a handsome little boy or a beautiful little girl.

What are the advantages of finding out before giving birth? We are sure nothing tops the surprise of knowing the gender of the baby in the delivery room, but if you are most parents, you just want to prepare beforehand. So many things depend on the sex of the baby! First of all: the name; secondly the baby’s nursery decoration depends on the sex as well. Other factors to consider is whether you have older children and if you which to prepare them for the arrival of the newest member of the family. It is easier for a kid to get used to the idea of a new brother or sister once they sort of know what to expect. That being said; at Personalized by Kate, we are crazy about Gender Reveal parties and everything they involve. Among the list of things to get, you must include a Gender reveal sign: a practical, funny, creative way to a)decorate the party or b) learn the baby’s gender!

A few tips on how to prepare for the party:

  • Create a theme. If you do not want to get overcomplicated, simply pick pink and blue everything: from plates, cups, candles to appetizers, you name it! If you are hosting the party close to a holiday –say Christmas- you can get extra creative and match everything to the jolliest season of all. Let’s say you are having the celebration on May 5th, how fun to have a gender reveal party themed on Cinco de Mayo! You can already see the little sombreros as decorative items, right?
  • Pick a date and invite guests. The date depends on several variables: how far along are you –usually the more prominent the belly, the better- just be careful not to be extremely close to your due date! You don’t want to start having contractions in the middle of the party! Plus you can get overly tired. Half-way pregnancy is probably the best time. Next, work on the guest list and make sure you send the invites around two weeks before. Heads-up! Not everyone is familiar with gender reveal parties so you may want to explain a bit.
  • Schedule an ultrasound. Your doctor will send you to a specialized consultation, somewhere weeks 18 and 20. Ask the technician to write “boy” or “girl” on a piece of paper and give it to someone you trust.

Once every detail is solved, enjoy the celebration! Among the items you must consider on your decoration is one of our personalized signs. These can serve two purposes: decorate (have a “boy or girl”  “blue or pink” or any other wording you may add) or you can use it to reveal the gender! Hide the sign before a curtain and unveil it! When it comes to creativity, the sky is the limit.

Search through our extensive catalog, pick from the many styles and materials we have and create the perfect gender reveal sign!