When someone says the words:  wine glasses, one immediately thinks about several scenarios: a wedding, where the groom and bride paid particular attention to detail and gifted each one of their guests with a beautiful, personalized wine glass to toast along with them. The second scenario is a bridal shower where guests lift their colorful wine glass to the air and cheer the bride-to-be. A third scenario involves a group of friends celebrating a birthday or any milestone with funky, funny wine glasses toasting and cheering without the fear of something breaking. And the list could go on.

Personalized Wine glasses are one of the most versatile items you can find: they are perfect as gifts, party favors and as a promotional item for your business or company.

Personalized wine glasses can serve as memorable keepsakes for your guests. The great thing is they can be utilized for a variety of purposes: they can be used as votive candle holders, as creative tasting glasses for passed appetizers, to decorate your tables or the bar and of course, in case of a wedding to toast to the happy couple and wish them all the happiness in the world! We have a variety of glasses: from the traditional crystal ones to frosted ones, and if you want to add a careless item to the celebration, opt for our plastic version.

Do you wish to make your colleague laugh? Do you want to preserve a tremendous funny moment from your childhood with your sister or brother? A personalized, funny wine glasses is the way to do it. Is your best friend turning 40 and you want to celebrate her and make her smile at the same time? A funny wine glass will do the trick!

Sometimes is a quote, sometimes is a picture or a drawing, sometimes is a clever pun. We all love jokes because they light-up our days, they remind us of the beauty of life and, truth to be told: laughing is good for our health.

Is your company celebrating an anniversary and you want to make it extra special? Gift your employees with a funny –sporting the company logo- wine glass to toast with; it is an item they will appreciate and continue to use for a long time.

At Personalized by Kate, we believe in bringing the good humor wherever we go. That’s why our offer of funny wine glasses is vast, and our list of customizable option is enormous! So, search no more. Go through our extensive catalog and browse the perfect wine glass, for you or a friend. Personalize it with your preferred phrase or image and let the laughs begin!