The Joys of motherhood are undeniable. Not only there’s a chubby, precious baby now in the world next to you. That little person is your family’s heritage to the world. And along with all that happiness, there is, of course, overwhelming feelings: tiredness, lack of sleep and worrisome fill the day of new mothers, especially in the first year. At Personalized by Kate, we like to celebrate mothers like what they are: true heroes!

Are you looking for something to celebrate your spouse, daughter or friend’s first mother’s day? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Aside from a delicious breakfast in bed, and temporary relief from diaper-changing, one of our exclusive items complete what every mother needs and deserves on her First Mother’s day. If you have run out of ideas, we provide some for you to choose from. Remember, it all depends on the preferences and taste of this brand new mom.

Let’s start with personalized coffee mugs, the reason behind it is apparent –and funny!- Since mothers rely on coffee and love to survive those sleepless first months. If you add an encouragement phrase, an inspiring quote or a romantic legend, she will know how much you appreciate everything she does for the family and how well she takes care of everyone.

Another great option is a customized piece of home décor, like a personalized cozy pillow or blanket. You can customize them by adding a picture, a phrase or the date her little bundle of joy arrived. Everything that has to do with baby pictures will do the trick as well. Parents love to capture every single detail of their little ones, that’s especially true during the first year. From a framed picture of the two of them to printed coasters or photo pendants, we carry the most beautiful options for your photo gifts.

We are in love without Rotating Keepsake Boxes that you can personalize with pictures. Can you imagine her face when she sees her gift printed with photos of her baby and a legend that says: “Love at first sight?”

A piece of jewelry is a no-miss when it comes to cherishing a mother on her very first mother’s day. Not only will she remember this day forever, but that necklace or customized bracelet will also become another valuable link between her and her baby, and she will be able to enjoy for many years to come. The important thing is that you celebrate this brave, strong and caring human being according to her preferences. You may want to pamper a romantic, classic mom with an exquisite jewelry box, or to congratulate and gift a practical, organized mom with a daily-use object such as a makeup little bag. The thing that will make the difference is the personalization, that unique, fantastic detail that says: “You did it Mommy, and you’re doing it great!”