Let us help you put a huge smile on your Dad’s face with one of our Father’s Day cake toppers. These cake toppers can be customized in whatever way you require. Personalize your Father’s Day cake topper with your Dad’s name, nickname, a funny saying, or favorite hobby. We also offer a vast array of colors and you can choose from acrylic or wood.
Most fathers go up and down through their life stages. They face challenges, obstacles like no others, and somehow, they always triumph. But one thing remains still throughout their lives: their unwavering love for sweets! That´s why, on this next father´s day, give free rein to daddy´s sweet tooth with his favorite cake –a treat he won´t be able to resist.

You have two options, skip the drama and opt for store-bought, or bust out the apron and bake something. There´s absolutely nothing wrong with opting for the first choice; as a matter of fact, if your dad already has an all-time favorite, why not giving in his guilty pleasure? On the contrary, if you want to surprise him, you have a few decisions to make: do you go for a classic tiered option, or do you go extreme by shaping the cake into his favorite hobby –let´s say golfing? Whatever you decide, be confident that it will melt your dad´s heart as you will give him some sweet accompanied by your love.

To make the cake even more unique, make sure to sparkle his day, adding one of our fantastic Father´s Day cake toppers! It will turn an ordinary cake into an elegant, fun, and unique present. Don´t be afraid to get adventurous and order toppers for any kind of dessert, cupcakes, etc.
Each of our father´s day cake topper is cut with precision and specially designed for such occasion. We have different sizes and styles. The number of sticks depends on the size and type of topper. All of our father´s day cake toppers are made with high-quality cardstock.

Transform your cake in seconds by simply adding one of our fabulous cake toppers. Just follow these steps to apply and effectively store your toppers:

If you order your toppers ahead of time or plan on reusing them soon, make sure you keep them on a flat surface, avoiding excessive humidity and heat. Just to be on the safe side, we recommend you put them inside a sealed bag, so the edges don´t get folded or smudged.
Keep your cake topper near the party, as our cake toppers are best used within 2 to 3 weeks upon purchase.

Our cake toppers can be applied to a variety of desert. But they work better –and look better also! – when used on smooth, fondant icing –or some other type with similar characteristics. Before applying, make sure the icing is a bit moist. How do you do that? Take a water atomizer and dampen the cake with a fine mist of water –all of this before you apply the cake topper. Then, carefully place your beautiful father´s day cake topper in the desired position; press down gently on the cake.

This next father´s day, say “I love you” in the sweetest way. Bring him his favorite cake and top it with one of our fantastic father´s day cake toppers.