Our personal hero, our support, our counselor, the one who said yes whenever mom said no… our dads! These irreplaceable, amazing, strong and caring human beings are worth being cherished and pampered every single day of the year. However, and luckily for everyone, there’s a special day specifically designed to celebrate them: Father’s Day!

From the moment men become fathers, they certainly acquire superpowers: to protect, care, educate, pamper and help their children like no one else in the world. At Personalized by Kate, we appreciate and acknowledge the crucial role fathers play in our lives; that’s why we carry an extensive list of options for them.

Breakfast in bed, a foot massage or taking him to a baseball game are a few good options to complement the celebration; but no party is complete without a birthday cake. And we know dads are usually prone to having a sweet tooth. If you have the perfect cake, yet are still wondering how to make it extra special, one of our father’s day cake toppers is the way to go.

Cake Toppers make statements, adorn your cake and add flair to it. These come especially in handy when we are trying to say something about the loving father being celebrated. You may be throwing a party for your father that includes all close friends and family. Why not getting them a spectacular cake –daddy’s favorite flavor of course- and top it with a beautiful, witty, inspirational or funny anniversary cake topper?

The style ranges from elegant and classy, to goofy and whimsical; you may prefer glowing letters, bold numbers… whatever your preferences, at Personalized by Kate, we carry the best topper for the best dad.

At Personalized by Kate, we are crazy in love with milestones. We highly recommend you choose a unique design depending on the milestone: “First Father’s Day” is the ultimate classic. Is a baby on the way, and you are wondering how to reveal the news? Write a coded message on your cake topper, it will be an exciting topic of conversation and an unforgettable way to tell it!

If the daddy you are celebrating is a more reserved one, a simple, basic, yet a classy set of initials on top will suffice to tell the guests who you are toasting to. We do carry number cake toppers, in case you specifically wish to focus on the number. Reaching fatherhood at a golden age is priceless, where the father is also a beloved grandpa! We have a long list of figures, depicting daddy’s favorite hobbies, to make the cake and topper extra special.

If you want to skip the figurines at all, we offer happy father’s mottos in icing, yes! Our cake toppers can be chosen edible or non-edible.

Do not let the man in your life without sweetness in his day, top the fun –and the cake!- with one of our cake toppers!