Our personal hero, our support, our counselor, the one who said yes whenever mom said no… our dads! These irreplaceable, amazing, strong and caring human beings are worth being cherished and pampered every single day of the year. However, and luckily for everyone, there’s a special day specifically designed to celebrate them: Father’s Day!


From the moment men become fathers, they certainly acquire superpowers: to protect, care, educate, pamper and help their children like no one else in the world. At Personalized by Kate, we appreciate and acknowledge the crucial role fathers play in our lives; that’s why we carry an extensive list of options for them.


You may want to celebrate your hubby’s first father’s day –that’s always a key one! But, although you have been gifting your man for years, you want to do something different on this occasion, something meaningful, useful and let’s be honest… something cool for the King of the House. At Personalized by Kate, we have the best option for you: An insanely cool Barbecue Set for the grill master.


Father’s day is coming, and you and your siblings cannot think of a new idea to cherish the best man in your lives. It is time to give Dad what he wants, what he deserves and something he will use: a fantastic Barbecue Set.


At Personalized by Kate we know how to pamper those who light up both our grills and hearts! You have many options to choose from, starting with the set itself. We carry diverse materials: metal, wood, bamboo, depending on if your guy is a sturdy classic, an eco-friendly griller or a modern top chef. The Set can encompass the essential tools for novices such as a spatula, a fork, and tongs, that will get the grill going, and the fun started. Or you can expand your options for the grilling authorities by getting a whole group of utensils including skewers, basting brushes, corn holders and grill kabobs, etc.


Our customization options are several; you may wish to engrave only the case, with a logo, name or phrase. If you want to take the personalization one step further, you can also carve the tools! Every time Dad or Hubby grabs a utensil, there will be a reminder of someone who loves and cares deeply about him.


A barbecue set is a gift your man will proudly display, and use, in every family or friendly gathering. The Barbecue sets we carry are made with the highest quality, and the tools will help to make sure your food turns out delicious. All of our Barbecue Sets are customizable, meaning you will be able to engrave a personalized message. You can add a funny phrase such as: “Forking Awesome Dad” or something a bit more formal such as the Initials. Personalized Barbecue Sets are also family’s favorites when they are engraved with the Lastname. This time around, give something meaningful and amazing: provide a customized, top-of-the-art Barbecue Set.  Celebrate the man of the house, the hero at our hearts and the master of the grill!