There is no better way to re-live a moment than looking at a photograph. Photos bring back memories and help us remember like no other item! In our digital era, we sometimes are in danger of losing or lose sight of those incredible memories, because we store everything in our computers or mobile telephones. Printing photos is a good idea, especially when it comes to your family. You absolutely do not want to risk losing those precious, unrepeatable moments! Photographs capture every single particular moment in our lives: from a family vacation, a wedding, a birth, graduation, and not only milestones such as those, capturing your 5th year old blowing his birthday cake candles is a memory you will want to keep preserved forever!

And yet, there’s even more fun to keep those memories preserved: by printing them in one of our fantastic Family Photo Pillow Cases. This can be a perfect gift for the first child to go away to College; having his family printed over his pillow will remind him/her daily that someone is always thinking of her or him.

This can also serve as a lovely present for Mom and Dad on Mother’s and Father’s Day: a photo of the beautiful family they have together formed printed over the place they rest every night. Before getting to the fun part and select the picture you want to preserve forever, you need to think about the details of the pillowcase you are going to choose.

Same as pillows, and the rest of the bedding, pillowcases can be synthetic or natural. There are pros and cons to each one, and like many things, it depends on the taste and preference of the user. Natural fabrics, considered more luxurious, are softer but less breathable and prone to wear. Synthetic materials make pillowcases more resistant, durable, and easy to maintain.

Once the fabric has been selected, the next step is to choose a size. Of course, if you already have pillows, you need to pick whatever fits them. Here’s a brief explanation of the different sizes:

– Standard size pillowcases –also called “housewife” have a solid sewn edge, which fits perfectly around your ‘Standard’ pillow. It measures 50x75cm. This fits any pillow size 50x75cm.

– Oxford pillowcases have a wide stitched flat hem around the edge to create a border and fits any pillow size 50x75cm.

– King pillowcases or “Super King” is just like a ‘Standard’ size pillowcase; however, it is longer. This is usually 15cm longer, so it is more elongated in size. This fits a pillow size 50x90cm.

After selecting properly, now comes the creative part: choosing the picture! Before you get excited, keep in mind there’s a particular resolution that needs to be met to have a high-quality printing. Search first through your favorite photos taken with a camera, or with a phone utilizing high resolution. Some of the most popular are Christmas Family Photo, a Graduation, a great picture of a family vacation or one from a studio session.

Give something original and memorable; something unique and thoughtful. Choose one of our Family Photo Pillowcases!