Essential Worker Yard Signs

When someone says something is essential, that means there’s an absolute need for it. For example: “Protective gear is essential for firemen.”

Typically, almost everyone would say their work is essential for some reason –and at one point or the other, they might be right. Supermarket cashiers are critical because we need to purchase groceries, workers are essential to any factory, beauty salon employees are necessary because we all need haircuts, etc.
Nonetheless, the pandemic’s threat to life has shed some light on the meaning of being an essential worker. Essential workers do tasks needed to meet the most basic human requirements to survive and stay safe and well. These aspects include health, food, safety, and cleaning. Our brave front liners complete these essential tasks, keeping us nurtured, secure, and healthy despite adverse conditions. Everyone you look you see the news about lack of adequate safety measures, supplies not to mention lack of risk compensation. It can’t be easy for these heroes to undergo such risk levels, leaving their families to take care of others. Health workers don’t have enough medical supplies; plants are still having crowds of workers performing too close together.

It makes you wonder about how essential are them.
We’re seeing with the phrase “essential worker” what linguists call “macrocosmic synecdoche,” which happens when we refer to a more significant thing or group than what we mean. The “essential” part refers to the specific task they are performing, not to the individual. The job needs to be done, whether it is performed by a particular individual or the next. The problem is, not everyone is qualified to do them, and in the worst case, not everyone is willing to risk their own lives –such as the case of our current situation.

For example, you might say, “The U.S. has won the World Cup.” By all means, this does not imply that every single American played football; it means that nine players –in the name of the country –won. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to grip our nation. Essential workers on the front lines are putting in a heroic effort to ensure our country keeps running. This includes healthcare workers, first responders, and the many staff who support them and transit and postal workers, store clerks, pharmacy staff, educators, and more. They all deserve thanks and support, as do family and neighbors doing their part to stay healthy.

People look for inspiration every day of their lives, through movies, tv-series, songs, and books. But today, all we have to do to get inspired and feel honored to be part of this great country is learning about the tremendous job our essential workers are doing. If you wish to express your gratitude towards them, there are many things you can do: first, abide by the rules and regulations to make their lives easier. Second, participate in programs aimed to help them (contributing to donations). Third, show your appreciation with one of our fantastic essential workers yard signs. Share messages of patriotism, pride, gratitude, and love. Display them in your yard to spread a collective conscience; it’s a visible and impactful way to show essential workers they are appreciated.