Gifts are precious irrespective of how they look. However, they become special when engraved with something unique that the receiver holds precious. Take a look at our extensive site filled with engraved gifts to find that special one for you. Once selected you can customize it to you liking.

Distinguish your gifts for your family, friends, and loved ones by personalizing it using a custom-made engraving that will appeal to the receiver for a lifetime. Add that unique monograms, names, special messages, or important date on different gift items. Interestingly, you can add these engraving on any occasion as it suit you. Our unique collection of personalized engraved gifts at Personalized by Kate offers hundreds of attractive designs with quality workmanship that will fit for a particular purpose, place, and time.

Remarkably, if you lack that perfect idea of what your family, friends, or loved ones will need, do not worry because we have experienced experts that will create something beyond your expectation. With our special engraved gift for him – your husband, boyfriend, or male friend, we will surprise them with the ideal gift for their father’s day, birthday, or special occasion. Furthermore, you can make her day special and memorial with our beautifully engraved gifts to celebrate her birthday, valentine, anniversaries or whatever the occasion may be.

Create something distinct for every occasion

Irrespective of what brought you here, your search is surely over because we have that present for your precious baby, gift for your anniversary or wedding, present to honor a co-worker, friend, or a family member, we at Personalized by Kate create that custom engraved gifts that will surely make a lasting impression on whomsoever you give it to.

From our catalog, you can find different engraved glass gifts, including crystal vases, barware, and stunning glass keepsakes. If these don’t suit your purpose, our customized wood engraved gifts such as photo albums, picture frames, and a wide selection of custom cutting boards will fit that purpose. Furthermore, you can create accessories and jewelry for men and women, including watches, cufflinks, bracelets, necklaces and much more.

Engraved Wood Gifts

Our carefully engraved wooden gifts are designed to stand the test of time. You can choose from photo cubes, photo albums, wood ornaments, wood picture frames, and other sentimental keepsakes for your occasion. Customize wooden kitchen gifts such as recipe boxes, cutting boards, wood serving bowls, cooking utensils, and much more. Perhaps you want something very different from what we have in stock; we have the expertise to do that without stress.

Engraved Glass Gifts

Do you look gifts? Do you like the design in some of them? Well, from your crystal ice buckets and wine glasses to beer mugs and wine decanters, including other unique bar accessories, our engraved glass services will make a statement on your items. However, this is simply a tip of the iceberg because our engraved gifts collection includes glass ornaments, glass picture frames, and striking glass souvenirs that will make a statement whenever presented in an occasion.

Engraved Jewelry & Accessories

Stand out from every occasion with our unique and custom engraved accessories and jewelry. You can do a customized engraved to contain your message, special date, monogram, or name. Customize your rings, necklaces, bracelets, and watches. What more, commensurate your wedding or anniversary with that specially engraved jewelry for her or him.