You have finally found her! Your partner-in-crime, your best friend, the love of your life. And now –and after some pursuing maybe- you are lucky to call her your fiancé! Congrats! But your engagement party is around the corner, and you still have no idea of what to give her. You’ve come to the right place because at Personalized by Kate, we are experts in gifts that are not merely items but are life-experiences. We have engagement champagne glasses which can be used for the couple or party favor for the event.

After all that time, after seeking, you discovered love in the arms of a true gentleman. And now that man, your own prince charm, will become your husband. Your engagement party is around the corner, and you are struggling thinking about what to get him. You want something unique and memorable.

Your best friends are getting married!; they have been not only the best supporters but a couple you admire; therefore, you want your gift to be unique, lovely, and thoughtful.

What do all of the above have in common? It’s “crystal clear!” Engagement Champagne Glasses are the ideal choice for a gift on this significant occasion.

When we think of a formal glass, we imagine a traditional, long stem champagne glass.  Champagne glasses evoke elegance, class, luxury, and happiness; all qualities that must be present at your engagement party. At Personalized by Kate, we are experts in turning an everyday item into an unforgettable present; among our favorites are our engagement champagne glasses. We carry different sizes and styles, and we offer an ample range of customization, of course, depending on what kind of glass you choose. You may engrave, etch a monogram or an image if you prefer.

If you like to think outside the box, as we do, we can also color your glassware. Depending on the couple, you may go with traditional and classy, to bright and colorful.

Aside to adding functionality to your event, a set of engagement champagne glasses will become your favorite memento from that particular day. At Personalized by Kate, we are deeply committed to eco-friendly practices, and hence, we recommend giving something meaningful that can be reused as many times as the happy couple decides!

Picture your engagement dinner; your entire family and friends are reunited, incredibly happy for you. It is time to make a toast. You raise your glass and look into the eyes of the person you have chosen to be your partner for life. Nothing can top that image, right? A customized champagne glass will enhance the romance of the moment and make that toast indelible in your minds and hearts!

Whichever your preferences may be, we have the perfect glass for you. Add personalization to increase its sentimental value, and you will find a gift to remember for a moment to never forget!