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Elephants have different meanings in many cultures and symbols; it is no wonder why these magnificent creatures have been depicted in mythology, literature, and movies countless times.

Here are some of the most common and cool meanings of elephants:

  • They resemble Strength and power. This may be the universal meaning of them, and it refers both to their splendorous body and their sharp mind. They are natural born leaders filled with toughness.
  • They symbolize Wisdom and Loyalty. Elephants are unique animals with incredible characteristics: they are compassionate, loyal, stable, reliable and wise. Often people praise their intelligence and determination, and they are capable of transmitting peace, even if observed from afar in the wild. They care about their peers and show them their love.
  • They are incredibly patient. Unless they sense a direct threat to their herd or children, elephants always keep their cool; they are slow to anger and show no eagerness to achieve anything quickly or anxiously.
  • They are powerful. Is one thing to be physically apt to do lots of damage and another to restrain from doing it. That’s the fantastic thing about elephants; they choose harmony, peace, and calmness to domination.

Using elephant symbolism on any items is a real invitation to good luck, good vibes, and happiness.

Like every other expectant mother, you have probably given a lot of thought on which images, symbols, and figures will surround your baby for the first months of his life; and if you have thought of elephants, then you have chosen wisely!

To begin the tradition, make sure to include one of our gorgeous elephant cake toppers in your Baby Shower celebration –or Welcome baby party if your bundle of joy has already arrived.

Cake Toppers make statements, adorn your cake and add flair to it. These come especially in handy when we are trying to say something about the loving person being celebrated. We know that you have waited patiently –like an elephant!- to have your baby in your arms, and now is the time to celebrate it. As sweet as the baby will be the cake and as powerful, wise, strong as an elephant will be your baby.

Not only our Elephant cake toppers are cute, tender and lovely; they are the ideal, inexpensive way to adorn your cake. If you are seeking for a gift for an expecting mom, seek no more: a sweet elephant cake topper will complete her decoration and give her further ideas on what sort of home décor she wants for her little prince.

Seek through our extensive catalog; choose a beautiful Elephant cake topper and let the good vibes arrive!

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