A wedding cake is like the bride’s dress: you only know it’s the one once you try it! Aside from every expectation, trend or plan, a bride will take a specific amount of time to decide upon her wedding cake. They occupy that much of a priority; a custom wedding cake is all about beauty, tradition, heritage and of course: flavor! What better way to make it better than a custom wedding cake toppers.

We are onboard about giving the wedding cake a shiny spot in the celebration! We love when a wedding cake, not only serves as a simple dessert but tells us a bit of the history between the couple. And the crown upon your mouthwatering, sweet cake, is the topper! At Personalized by Kate, we know a thing or two about creating sensational, eye-catching custom wedding cake toppers.

Rustic Wedding Cake Toppers

From vintage-inspired wood veneers to rustic, old-west style, to comical-whimsical and funny-themed the topper makes a statement about love, celebration, and sense of humor!

One of the most recurred options is going with figurines; aside from the classic groom and bride, we carry a huge variety of figurines to choose from. From hobbies to sports, to music-themed and everything in between! You may want to make the guests laugh by having superheroes on top, or personal jokes displayed. We also carry pet figurines, we know these furry-friends are considered a part of the household and would love to feel included! Even if they do not get to taste the cake at all. Our figurines will not fade or chip, and they will be kept as beloved mementos from that magical day.

The other choice is to go with wording. We carry incredibly beautiful acrylic cake toppers, that make a multidimensional statement. You can choose funny phrases such as “Game Over” or “I vow to do the dishes”; you can also go traditional with “Happily ever after” “Mr and Mrs” or whatever you wish to display. These unique toppers come in a wide assortment of sizes and colors. If you are a more reserved type of bride, simply having the date on top is always a good way to go.

Unique Wedding Cake Toppers

As you may know, cake trends change continually, our all-time favorites include:

  • Understated textures. A bit of originality and architectural design never hurts!
  • Single-tier. Nothing says “classic” like a delicious, perfectly smooth single tier.
  • Details in black. Black seems like an odd shade for a wedding, except in your cake! Here it says: decadent, luscious, elegant.

Toppers are an incredibly important part of the wedding décor. Choose one that matches your wedding theme or will make you and your guests laugh. We make them from wood and acrylic to match your decor.

From funny to traditional; from unique to stylish; from sporty to basic; at Personalized by Kate, we have the ideal custom wedding cake topper waiting for you! Be sure to also look at our wedding signs.