Christmas Yard Signs
Try to imagine the following scene. You are out for Christmas shopping. The air is chilly, the streets are packed with people as busy as you, shuffling in and out of stores. Many carry packages and bags under their arms. The unmistakable smell of Christmas is upon us.
You walk down the street and face two stores –both of them sell what you’re looking for at the moment. One of them seems packed of people, there’s a line at the cashier, and the Christmas ornaments can be seen even outside. The shop’s front is also decorated with stripes, signs, and the quintessential images of Santa, the reindeer, and a smiley snowman.
The other store does not have decorations, and you can barely see one or two customers inside. Which store do you think you will enter? The first one? Even if this means bumping into people and standing in line to pay? Yes! And that’s probably the same reason why the first one is full while the second is close to empty.

Holiday Decorations Matter
Business owners know that getting customers during the Holidays is all about marketing done right. What sets you apart from the rest of your competition? What makes you attractive in the eyes of your clients?

Studies show an overwhelming truth: the more decorations, the more the people are inclined to access a place. Think about it, there’s something about the feeling one experiences when you begin to see Christmas decorations all over. Not only has that, setting clients in a holiday mood triggers more shopping! Stores, shops and restaurants make customers feel at home by making an effort with their ornaments
Decorating includes all of the standard things you might think of, such as trees, wreaths, and garland, but it is also other more subtle things. For example, you can get a beautifully decorated Christmas yard sign and set it outside. Pick your favorite verse from a Christmas carol and print it on it. You could bet on how many people stop and begin singing the tune and enter your store afterward.

The key is not to overdo it. You don’t have to have the most lights in the entire block (you are more than welcome to try, but it can turn a bit expensive) Aim for subtle, beautiful, details that set the mood for the holidays.

If you don’t have a shop, Christmas yard signs make beautiful house décor as well. You have the snowman, you have Santa and the Reindeers, perhaps even a little tree outside. Add a few Christmas yard signs, and your lawn will be the center of attention!
Don’t forget, you can personalize the sign with whatever message you want. Pick the style, type, and color of your preference and let the festivities begin.