After some struggling, you finally have the list… your bridesmaids! Congratulations, we know choosing between your girls is not an easy task. Once you give them the great news, you may want to kindly remind them what they have signed for once saying yes:

  • Buy a bridesmaid dress. Yes! They must dress in coral, charcoal or platted ruffles if that’s your desire! It is your day, and they agreed to it.
  • Not just show up to your wedding, dance and enjoy like there is no tomorrow. This one is a no-brainer, your girls will see you so radiant and happy they will be hopping and clapping at any beat.
  • Attend your multiple events and organize the bachelorette party. Who said the task was hard? Being a bridesmaid is all about fun… in a systematic way.

Personalized Bridesmaid Shot Glasses

There is only one thing missing from the list: they will have to listen to a bit of complaining from your side; every bride gets cold feet, and most feel nervous about the big day. Your girls are indeed the best, aren’t they? So you are thinking about giving them something, unique, special and lovely; as a token of gratitude and appreciation. You are clueless on what to provide them with; do not worry, at Personalized by Kate, we carry a long list of options from you to pick from.

Our ideas include many options, and among our favorites, bridesmaid shot glasses occupy a high spot! Maybe you haven’t even told them. Are you thinking about a cool way to ask your girls to be your bridesmaids? Why not gift them with a customized shot glass that says: “Will you be my bridesmaid?” or something smart, witty that refers to your close relationship.

Bridesmaid shot glasses are associated with fun and partying, why not adding personalization that includes a private joke between you and them?. Bridesmaid glasses serve as a lovely party favor on your bachelorette party, and of course, when you want to distinguish them on the wedding itself. They are not just another guest, these are your bridesmaids! And when they are lifting their glass to toast for your happiness and eternal love, you want to make sure they do it in style.

Shot Glasses For Bridesmaids

There is another perk when it comes to our customizable presents. Let’s say you have found the ideal glass you wish to give them, but you want to say something entirely different from one of your bridesmaids than to the other. They are all important but in different ways! We understand this, that’s why many brides choose to personalize their shot glasses according to each one of the amazing women who are proudly part of their entourage.

Scroll through our extensive catalog, find the ideal glass to the girls who have already wished for your eternal happiness in their heart. When it comes to searching for the best gift for your bridesmaids, Personalized at Kate knows best. These bridesmaid shot glasses can be personalized to you liking.