Personalized Signs can be informative; they can serve, for example as a beautiful piece of home décor, but the best part is how fun they are! If you’re throwing a Bridal Shower, you absolutely must include a bridal shower signs as part of the decoration… your guests and the bride-to-be will love it!

Personalized Bridal Shower Signs can serve as pure informative: for instance, you can set a cute, cozy sign outside the house or venue, indicating that’s the place where the celebration will take place. You can include, of course, the name of the bride-to-be and a welcoming phrase.

Inside the Shower, a customizable sign is a lovely piece of decoration that will add color, warm and personal touch to the entire space. Choose from vintage, modern, classic or romantic depending on your taste or preferences.

They come in different sizes and materials such as wood, plastic, and metal, and can be customized using different designs, typographies or images.  At Personalized by Kate, we carry the best wooden signs, which you can personalize it with the many options we offer. Our bridal signs are made out of top-quality materials, and our engraving, carving, and printing techniques are the top-of-the-art. We also carry several sizes and shapes; it all depends on how and where you plan to hang them.

Bridal Shower Welcome Sign

Do you want your guests to feel welcome at the Bridal Shower? Do you want the bride-to-be to visibly see and notice how much is she loved and appreciated? Each of our signs is craft-made with love, time and patience. We can assure you; wherever she looks around she will notice them: a piece of decoration that stands-out.

Bridal Shower Signs can also be set on tables, where guests are to set their presents. Traditional quotes or phrases pertinent to the wedding are applicable, such as: ”Something new, something borrowed, something blue” or “Happily ever after”. If you want to go beyond it, you can include a small summary of the couple’s history; the bride will absolutely adore this!

You can also use bridal shower signs as part of a fun game for the guests, asking trivia about the couple or making them guess different things. You can also make signs as frames; every single guest will want a “framed” photo with the bride-to-be. Get creative and unleash your witty side; add a funny quote or a personal joke to it.

The amazing thing is that, depending on the type, style and size you choose, the bride-to-be, will be able to take the sign to her house, as an amazing keepsake from her celebratory shower. Each time she looks at it, she will remember that day full of laughter and fun!

We carry different styles, materials, sizes and ways in which you can customize the signs. Just seek through our catalog and choose the personalized sign that will bring tons of love to the Bridal Shower celebration!