Did you know, the earliest bridal showers around the world were celebrated in Brussels in 1860? In the United States, the tradition arrived in the 1890s and spread through the country by 1930. Hosting the bridal shower falls to one or more close friends of the bride, often one or more of the bridesmaids; although modern norms tell us, there are no written rules. The main thing, if you’re soon to be happily married, is to gather your close friends and family whilst preparing for the big day. This day is all about celebrating, enjoying, and wish her a bright and successful future. What better way then with bridal shower glasses than could be used as a party favor our a special personalized set just for the bride to be.

If you are a modern bride-to-be, you know that party favors turn into keepsakes; every one of the ladies close to your heart will want to remember that day in which they attended to your bridal shower. The perfect occasion for them to offer you a thoughtful gift and, overall, some wise advice about the journey you are about to embark! If you’re struggling to find such detail, search no more!

At Personalized by Kate, we carry an extensive selection of Bridal Shower glasses. Not only are these ideal for the occasion –they all must toast for your future happiness!- you are able to personalize them and add a lovely touch.

If you are someone close to the lucky lady, perhaps a bridesmaid or a future sister-in-law; you also need to consider every single aspect of the Bridal Shower: from the catering to the flowers. But nothing stays imprinted in the memory of the bride-to-be, as the personalized details that let her know you were thinking of her while arranging everything about that perfect day.

Our personalized bridal shower glasses are original gifts your guests will remember (and use!) forever. We carry many different styles, both regarding the glass and the customization design. If the wedding will be beach themed a more informal, stemless glass with a laid-back design would be ideal. If the bride cherishes classic, elegant themes, we have champagne glasses that can be personalized with sophisticated monograms that will make her smile upon.

If the Bridal Shower wants to reflect a more relaxed, easygoing bride, we do carry Acrylic Tumblers with funky designs that can be added. As we said, there are no rules, and as long as the bride-to-be is celebrated, it all goes!

Do not struggle or stress trying to find the perfect party favor; choose these truly unique glasses and transform a practical, beautiful party favor into a memory that will uplift the heart of the bride-to-be forever.