Happy Birthday Yard Signs

If you’re like many “lucky” people celebrating a birthday amidst a worldwide pandemic with a city quarantine, you are not alone. Moreover, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate, if not the traditional way. The most popular has been birthday yard signs.

Of course, you are abiding by the social distancing rules, and probably staying at home as much as possible. That does not mean you are not entitled to have some fun! As a matter of fact, celebrating your birthday is a fantastic way to keep upbeat and hopeful of the future; becoming gloomy and pessimistic has never helped anyone, right? Do you think it is a coincidence health authorities taught us to wash our hands signing the “happy birthday” song? We don’t think so either!
There are always ways to party –and be specific, this one will stay in your memory forever. Now, for the good stuff, here are some fun tips on have an awesome corona birthday:
• Send the party to the birthday boy or girl. If getting the gang or the family together to celebrate a beloved one is out of the question, send the party to them! Grab some candles, make a cake, get a birthday card and voila! You have a party! Don’t forget to include a birthday yard sign!

• Say something! –on their lawn. Sure, you could go all conventional and send a birthday card through the mail, but since you are thinking outside the box, go above and beyond and set a personalized yard sign on their lawn! You can choose your custom message and design. What if you include an inside joke? Or a romantic quote? We have plenty of sizes, designs, and types to choose from. Spread the cheer; start from the outside.

• Throw a parade. Fast forward a decade from now, and now look back. Certain things will represent our current status: masks, anti-bacterial, homeschooling, and car parades. Some love them, others make fun of them, but everyone wants to participate. Let’s say your friend lives nearby, organize your friends to drive over the birthday gal or guy’s house. Bring everything you can think of: wigs, balloons, and of course, a giant birthday yard sign. Start honking and make sure you videotape his or her reaction! Noise pollution is obnoxious, but if there’s an exception, this should be the one.

Personalized Happy Birthday Yard Signs

And, if you’re one of the lucky ones who –although practicing safe distancing –is allowed to go out, then don’t miss the opportunity and throw an outside hoopla! Complete your birthday celebration with a birthday yard sign. You have the food, the music, and the decoration ready, but wait… some of your guests don’t even know where you live! Birthday yard signs will let them know they have arrived at the right destination. Announce the event, and enhance the decoration theme by ordering a sing that matches it. Plan a great party and plan one that can be found with one of our great personalized birthday yard signs.