Personalized Signs can be informative; they can serve as a beautiful piece of home décor, but the best part is how fun they are! Among the many kinds of personalized signs we offer, birthday signs are definitely one of the most popular ones!

If you were to picture a birthday celebration –even from your childhood- you could see one image clearly: the family gathered surrounding the birthday boy/girl just before blowing the candles on his/her cake. Behind the scene, framing the family a big birthday sign!  It is an item not to be missed or ignored at any birthday celebration!

The fantastic thing about our birthday signs is the flexibility you have regarding the customization; you may add pretty much what you want. You may pick a simple/classic “Happy Birthday,” or you can choose a more personal approach and add the person’s name, or nickname.

Signs can be utilized as a part of the party decoration or even to surprise the person.  You may hang it on his/her door, car, or wherever the celebration is being held.

You can have inspiring quotes, ad hoc phrases, or anything that relates that particular person’s tastes and preferences. At Personalized by Kate, we carry a large variety of materials, sizes, and options for you to create the perfect sign or plaque for your party. Personalized signs are often collected; so you can start your own collection and proudly display it in your next party or gathering, it will be an eye-catcher and the topic of many conversations!

Choose from vintage, modern, classic, or romantic, depending on your taste or preferences. They come in different sizes and materials such as wood, plastic, and metal, and can be customized using different designs, typographies, or images.

Some people want to get extra creative by choosing images instead of wording or to complement a phrase. Let’s say your birthday boy is a big fan of a certain TV hero or cartoon character. Can you imagine the look on his face when he sees a birthday sign displaying it? Same goes for girls; picture a little’s girl expression once she comes home and sees a big birthday sign with a lovely ballerina on it. Since we have many materials and styles to choose from, the more creative you get, the more your birthday sign will be amazing.

If the party already has a theme, be sure to customize and pick the birthday sign according to it. If you are celebrating your dad’s 50th birthday with a Hawaiian party, choose a sign and personalize it accordingly.

Seek through our extensive catalog, choose a material and a style, and let your creativity fly. Surprise that birthday person with an old-time, always-beloved birthday sign that enhances the joy!