At Personalized by Kate we are proud to say our gifts create memories and make celebrations unforgettable. We like to think small details go along way filling our hearts and minds with positive vibes and heartwarming emotions. What better way then with birthday glasses that can be saved for a lifetime.

When we celebrate someone’s birthday, a toast is in order. We commemorate their lives, another year of achievements and we wish better things to come. But where does this tradition began? History tells us toasting has been a ritual in which a drink is taken as an expression of goodwill. There are certain occasions in which a toast is considered as a formality, like in a wedding. But Birthdays are a bit different, depending on the circumstances, and the person to be celebrated, toasts can be solemn, sentimental or humorous. But no toast can happen without a glass, right?

At Personalized by Kate, we carry an extensive list of Birthday Glasses for you to choose from. Although toasting, and birthday parties, traditionally involve alcoholic beverages, that does not mean you cannot offer non-alcoholic drinks. In fact, Mocktails are tremendously in fashion, whether you wish to party responsibly or just do not feel like having alcohol that day.

Now, before you choose a glass, you need to consider which kind of liquid it is to be served. There’s an entire protocol of what should be served on where. We provide a few tips:

  • Red Wine Glass – if you are pouring red wine, you may want to stick to glasses with large, round bowls, that allow the wine to oxygenate. The long stem helps the wine to keep its cool.
  • Wine Glasses – They usually have less wide mouths, since white wine tends to aerate more.
  • Champagne Glasses – Sparling beverages, like Champagne, are served in flutes; this prevents the bubbling to rise and escape too fast.
  • Cocktail glass – the traditional inverted cone is utilized to serve cocktails which usually have alluring aromas, hence the wide opening at the top.
  • Whiskey glasses –if your cocktail contains a large portion of non-alcoholic beverage and ice, a glass tumbler is needed.
  • Specialty glassware – Margaritas, Irish Coffees, and Martinis all have specifically designated glasses.

Now, we just mentioned a few, beer glasses and shot glasses are widely popular and are also available.

All of our Birthday Glasses are 100% customizable and make excellent party favors. If you are celebrating someone’s 21st birthday, you may want to include a phrase alluding adulthood –which can be witty, funny or sentimental-. What better way to make a party memorable than to have personalized birthday glasses to toast and celebrate that person.

You can print or engrave your glasses, utilizing monograms, different colors, words or phrases. You may want something generic and basic such as “Happy Birthday” or get personal and add something that will touch that person’s heart or make your guests laugh.

Search through our extensive catalog and pick the glass that accommodates what you are seeking for. Personalize it and toast to celebrate life!