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You’d think that people have been celebrating their birthdays forever. But History tells us differently. The annual celebration, as we know it, was pretty rare in the past. Our ancestors chose to celebrate other milestones instead –such as marriage and becoming an adult. It was in the fifth century BC that Herodotus –a Greek historian you can thank for all your yearly presents –noted the tradition of birthday feasting.

Nonetheless, it wasn´t until the start of the first century AD that the Romans acquired the tradition of commemorating the birthday of family, friends, and –of course –the emperor. The convention included gifts, high consumption of wine, and dances. Conservatives did not approve of such extravagant celebrations, and it took a while for a holiday to spread across countries and cultures.

What about the cake? Yes, the cake is the quintessential element of every birthday party. But that tradition appeared even later –around the 18th century. Birthdays had been celebrated worldwide, even in China, where a child’s first birthday was more impressive than most. Kinderfeste, which started in the late 18th century, was the name for a German birthday party closest to today’s style of parties. This party was held for German kids, or “kinder,” and featured a birthday cake adorned with candles.

During this celebration, children were given a cake featuring a candle atop for each year they had been alive. Then the celebrated kid would blow out the candles, sound familiar?
From that point on, birthday parties haven´t changed that much. You have a cake, a close circle of family and friends, food, music, and gifts!

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