A birthday cake is the center star, and every other aspect of the party revolves around it. Each time more, people are making these cakes at home and decorating themselves. If you and your oven have a frosty relationship and you instead just get a cake from a store, you still have a chance to add your personal touch to it with one of our birthday cake toppers.

Birthday cake toppers add flair, make statements, adorn your cake and table and really tells us something about the person we are celebrating. We carry an extensive list of options for you to choose from: whether you like classic, elegant typography, goofy-whimsical elements or bright, shiny words, we have the right topper for you.

There is no need to be a professional to decorate your cake; it is also a fun activity, and you may consider this as an opportunity to bond with your children. How fun for your kids to be able to decorate their own birthday cake and choose a favorite topper?

Some of the themes preferred for children are sports, cartoons, or hobbies. You may have a football rising star at home or a piano player revelation. Adding a cake topper that reflects their taste or personality adds thoughtfulness and love! For boys, specifically, we suggest: cowboys, space, superheroes, farmland animals or dinosaurs. In the case of girls, most ask for ballerinas, princesses, butterflies, unicorns, cartoon heroes, and teddy bears.

Happy Birthday Cake Topper

Not only do we carry Birthday Cake Toppers for little kids; at Personalized by Kate, we believe each one of our birthdays is special milestones worth celebrated, despite the age or gender. If the person you are celebrating is a more reserved one, a simple, basic, yet classy initial on top will suffice to tell the guests who you are toasting to. We do carry number cake toppers, in case you specifically wish to focus on the number. Reaching 21 years old is no small thing so you may go with this one. Other excellent options for men include profession figurines, music related or hobby related ones –like golf.

If you want to skip the figurines at all, we offer happy birthday mottos in icing, yes! Our cake toppers can be chosen edible or non-edible.

Birthday Cakes should be everything but boring, so add some flair to your red velvet and top it with one of our fantastic Birthday Cake Toppers.