There’s nothing more tender and sweet than celebrating an expecting mom and her lovely baby, soon to be born. Family and friends gather to offer gifts, words of wisdom and best wishes; the host is in charge of setting the perfect ambiance by providing exquisite food and lovely decoration. If you are a host, or in charge of decoration for a baby Shower, think no more and choose our customizable Baby Shower Signs.

Personalized baby shower signs can be informative; they can serve as a beautiful piece to decorate an event, but the best part is how fun they are!

If you’re hosting a Baby Shower, you know how important the decoration is; it sets your guests in the mood of celebrating a new life filled with love and tender. Among the rest of the decorative items, Baby Shower Signs stand out, and with a little bit of our help, you can personalize them as you wish, to add a personal touch!

Baby Shower Welcome Sign

At Personalized by Kate, we carry a large variety of materials, sizes, and options for you to create the perfect sign or plaque for your Baby Shower. Personalized signs are an eye-catcher and the topic of many conversations!

Signs are also informative, they can include the celebrated mommy’s name outside your house, where is useful to indicate that the event is being held there. The great thing about customizing a sign with the family name is that you will turn this sign into a fantastic souvenir for generations to come, it will become a part of your heritage! They are also an excellent way to welcome your guests and thanking them for attending the event, at the same time decorating the entrance of your home. We can fully customize your baby shower welcome sign to your needs.

Choose from vintage, modern, classic or romantic depending on the mother’s preferences. If the baby’s gender is known, you can add some color –pink or blue as tradition calls for- for added personalization. You can also use your imagination and utilize our personalized signs to reveal the gender of the baby or play games with the guests. It is always fun to discover how much we actually know about newborns; use our customizable signs to increase the fun!

Our personalized baby shower signs come in different sizes and materials such as wood, plastic and can be customized using different designs, typographies or images.  You won’t go wrong if you choose one of our signs and customize it with the baby’s name or a beautiful phrase or the verse from your favorite lullaby.

Have a blessing written, a funny phrase, a quote or a legend engraved in a beautiful sign. Seek through our extensive catalog and think of the mommy. According to her taste, customize your order and receive the most beautiful baby shower signs to complement your decor and make you the best host ever!