Nothing brings joy to a family to have someone waiting for a beautiful baby. Baby Showers are traditional parties in which the soon-mother-to-be gets tons of beautiful, tender and useful gifts!

The Cake is the centerpiece of most baby showers; the cake also dictates the rest of the decoration and thematic. The mother-to-be has probably already chosen certain colors for the baby’s room, maybe even his/her name.

The tendency now is, even if the cake gets purchased and it not homemade, the topper is handpicked or designed especially for the new mommy. Whether you decide to bake yourself or turn to the professionals, the final touch is entirely up to you!

Cake Toppers For Your Baby Shower

Baby shower cake toppers make statements, adorn your cake and add flair to it. These come especially in handy when we are trying to say something about the soon-mom-to –be and her precious little baby.  The style ranges from elegant and classy, to goofy and whimsical; you may prefer glowing letters, bold numbers… whatever your preferences, at Personalized by Kate, we carry the best topper for the best mommy!

As you may know, gender-reveal parties are in-vogue. One of the best ways –and delicious by the way- forms of letting everyone know the gender of the baby is by having a cake with either pink or blue filling. You can choose to reveal the gender of the baby at your own baby shower! A cake topper will be the perfect complement for it. You can have in writing: “Boy or Girl” or even hint the name of the baby, in case you have already picked the options.

Another cute way to adorn your cake is by adding custom-details on top, regarding the baby’s due date. For instance, you can add the phrase “summer baby” on top or “Best XMAS present” if the baby is due around those dates. You may also add a funny phrase on top that will make your guests laugh. For example, you can top the cake with the phrase “Surprise #3”; aren’t babies the best surprise of all?

You do not have to use wording to decorate your cake. Our cake toppers come also in the form of cute figurines. Of course, baby-related ones are the most obvious choice here, but you can go as creative as you would like!

The greatest thing about our items is that not only will they be useful during the celebration, but they will also become precious keepsakes that can even become part of the baby’s room. These baby shower cake toppers are meant to last a lifetime. Some have animals on them such as elephants, nautical, mermaids owls and more!

All of our products are made with love. Do not hesitate to add flair, feelings, and creativity to your baby shower cake, with one of our many cake toppers. Our baby shower cake toppers come in wood and acrylic. We can make almost any changes you would like and have them come in solid colors or glitter. After you get your topper go take a look at our baby shower gift section.