A personalized pillow makes one of the best gifts ever! A unique design or added customization can be the perfect complement for every nursery. Personalized by Kate carries a wide variety of Baby Pillow Cases, which are beautiful pieces of décor and will enhance the cuteness and tenderness surrounding your little bundle of joy!

One of our most popular designs is the birth announcement pillows, which include every single statistic and represent the perfect “welcome” to this world gift. These statistics include the baby’s name, date and time of birth, weight, height, and even a cute detail or piece of information such as: “smiled as soon as he saw mommy.”

The good thing about a custom pillow is you can add any unique information you want to the custom design. So, for example, if you want to remember it was a sunny day or a snowy day, just ask for that information to be incorporated into the design.

Usually, parents select the theme or even the colors that will be included in the baby’s room. Typical subjects include trains, boats, sports, cars, farm animals and dinosaurs for boys and princesses, dolls, hearts, bows, ballet dancers and flowers for baby girls. If you have already decided on colors and thematic, you can incorporate the same into the bedding and pillowcase; you may even add a favorite movie character or anything that inspires you.

Add a personal touch to your baby’s room by customizing his/her pillowcases, even before your baby is born.

Personalized pillowcases also make perfect gifts for baby showers, welcome baby parties, or anything that has to do with the celebration of a beautiful baby being born. Remember, children can be referred to as babies up until they are four years old; so by that time they surely have an opinion about their room, decoration, favorite characters, etc. what is better than to please your sweet child? Especially with something as unique as lovely as a customized pillowcase. You may even consider the process as a fun family activity: from picking the size, color to the design.

At Personalized by Kate, we carry top-quality pillowcases with resistant, durable, breathable, and soft fabrics.

If you are clueless about what to give your sister, friend, or anyone close to you expecting a baby, nothing will bring a smile to their faces like a cute pillowcase with personalization. You will let them know how happy you are for them by gifting something meaningful, useful, and functional.

Seek through our extensive catalog to see the different options we carry. Select the size and material of your preference and let the sweetness of a new baby fill inspire you!